Do you like when it snows in Texas?

While everything may be bigger and better in Texas, weather seems to be a tricky subject. Texas weather can have you rockin’ a t-shirt and shorts on a sunny day, while the next day you are bundled up in your coziest cardigan and winter gloves. According to World Atlas, snowfall occurs on average once a year in Texas, some northern and western regions may see more, while southern and eastern regions may see little to no snowfall. Given the little snowfall Texas receives, some love the rare occurrence while others despise it.

In an online survey conducted by the JTAC, 88 percent of Tarleton students like when it snows in Texas, while 12 percent of students do not. 

“I don’t like it when it snows in Texas, I actually lived in Iowa for two years, so I was used to the snow, but it wasn’t pleasant. The winter there [Iowa] was a lot colder than compared to here [Texas]. It wasn’t as windy in Iowa, and a lot dryer, here it’s cold and wet,” Junior business management major, Jaclyn Meixsell said. “When I lived in Iowa we had underground tunnels, that way you didn’t have to walk outside, when you did have to walk outside it wasn’t very fun.”

If you are one of the many that enjoy the Texas snow; Amarillo, Big Bend National Park, and El Paso are great destinations to catch the rare, but beautiful occurrence. 

There are pros and cons to the Texas snowfall. Snow can cause hazards while driving, cold and wet temperatures are not pleasant, there are possible health risks for those who do not have appropriate resources, or boredom for those who may live alone and cannot travel due to the snowy conditions. On the flip-side, snow often cancels class/work, giving you a free day and the opportunity to make memories with friends and family like building a snowman or sledding down a hill. 

People often like to joke about how Texans handle the snow, especially compared to northern states. When in reality, Texans are not used to winter weather and snowy conditions. Chances are that when each winter that rolls around, Texans are rummaging through their closest trying to find clothing suitable for harsh weather. While many northern states attend school and work with inches of snowfall, Texans are not as experienced in driving in these conditions or have the appropriate tools for their vehicle to aid in commuting to and from school and work. When word reaches the news about possible snow or ice, grocery stores become a madhouse as Texans rush to get food and supplies.

Snow often brings out the inner-child of many college students. When it snows on campus, you can find students adventuring around, making snow angels or building snowmen. Social media feeds are flooded with pictures of those enjoying the winter wonderland. Chances are you may even catch President James Hurley outside the Trogdon House enjoying the snow with his family. 

In the past, Texas has not been able to keep up with winter conditions. Previous snowstorms have caused widespread, damaging, and severe effects for many Texans. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) grid has previously failed many Texans, as they were left without electricity for days on end. Slick roads caused accidents and car pile ups on many main roads, Fort Worth once suffered a 133 car pile up. 

Texas winter takes place Nov. 24 through Feb. 20. Most snowfall occurs in the months of January and February.  The average snowfall in Texas each year is approximately .01 inches, according to World Atlas. Snow remains on the ground for less than a week before melting away. If you want to see snow, north west Texas receives the most snowfall, Lubbock averaging 8.2 inches a year.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts that Texas winter will be colder than normal, with the coldest periods in early to mid January, and early to mid February. Precipitation will be below average, but snowfall will be above average in the north, with chances of snow in mid to late January and early February. 

Be on the lookout for snowfall this winter season, take the opportunity to build a snowman, go sledding, make snow angels, or start a snowball fight with your roommates. Always be prepared ahead of time for any winter conditions that may arise. Whether you like when it snows in Texas or not, remember to stay safe and warm this upcoming winter season!