Becoming more


Tarleton’s professors are held in high esteem by many students and staff alike. In respect to Black History Month, professor Corban James, a Tarleton state alumni and former student-athlete, is the educator spotlight for this special edition. 

   After graduating with his undergraduate degree from Northwestern State University, with Summa Cum Laude honors, James still sought to pursue his education and athletic career further.

   James chose Tarleton to be his home while he completed a Masters degree in Biology, while simultaneously being a student-athlete. The strain of juggling football and upper-level courses required “determination and due-diligence,” James said. He described that in order to have such a high success academic profile, he occasionally had to sacrifice sleep as well as his social life, but regardless, he was motivated to do what he was responsible for – no matter the cost.

   In May of 2022, James successfully completed his Masters degree in Biology, and went to work the following Spring as a Biology professor at Tarleton State University. 

   On a daily basis he strolls into his lecture hall with a sense of swagger and a fresh ensemble, prepared to share his knowledge and experience with countless students. James explained that he is adamant about looking presentable because it presents an aura of confidence. He also added that he adapted his “passion for fashion” from his mother and grandma. James also lives by the motto, “Look good, feel good.” 

 Following his Tarleton teaching career, James’ next pursuit in his career is to continue working towards his goal to become a pediatric neurologist in the near future, where his outlook and professionalism is sure to help him out! 

  “I think in many cases we [African-American individuals] are viewed as less intelligent or more lazy than other students and people, and that is not true in the slightest,” James expressed. “Many of us are very bright and very gifted, and we are able to exceed the potential that others see in us.” 

   In regards to this month, Black History Month,  James explained that he believes it is a time to reflect on the large influencers and historical figures from the generations that preceded us. He thinks that this is the perfect time to highlight the ancestral hardships that people of Black heritage went through, and how far as a community we have come.