Bold: the relaunch

At one point or another we have all strived to become a part of something bigger than ourselves. What does it mean to become a part of something bigger? It means to increase your importance, magnify your impact unto others, make a positive difference, and showcase that you matter. 

Tarleton’s BOLD is an opportunity to become a part of something bigger than yourself with the help of women of color from all walks of life. BOLD is a Leadership and Development Program centered around the experiences, stories, and journeys of women of color. BOLD is a cultural affinity group, with leadership programs that provide opportunity for training and development. By joining, members receive and provide mentoring. 

BOLD focuses on three key areas- Interpersonal; developing key skills for being in relationship with other women and yourself. Academic; accountability for staying on track with academic goals. And, professional; developing key skills for the workplace.

BOLD originally began in 2012 by Dr. Lora Helvie-Mason, who saw a need to help develop women of color at Tarleton. Dr. Dana Fitzpatrick currently presides over the program. Over a decade later, BOLD is looking towards new beginnings. Despite the years, one thing that still remains strong is the mission in sharing space with members to grow as professionals and women of color.

Fitzpatrick is the Director of Institutional Inclusive Programs and External Community Engagement at Tarleton’s Division of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and International Programs. Fitzpatrick is passionate about BOLD by helping contribute to the success of its relaunch. The relaunch took place in January and is continuing into February. Open sessions will take place through the remaining spring semester and fall semester when students return to classes. With the relaunch, members can apply in November and December and officially begin the journey of becoming part of something greater.

There are many great opportunities for those who join the program. One exciting endeavor for BOLD is the mentorship with the Dallas Wings. The Dallas Wings are a professional women’s basketball association. While it is still in the works, the Dallas Wings are striving to create a young women’s leadership academy to serve as mentors to high school women in the metroplex. Members have the opportunity to grow as professionals, to engage, and to connect with women who share a powerful story through attending conferences.

If you are interested in learning more, contact [email protected] for more information. Meetings are open to attend and prospective members may join anytime. 

Meeting times are as follows:

February 2 TSC 27 5:00-6:30
February 16 TSC 27 5:00-6:30
March 2 TSC 27 5:00-6:30
March 22 TSC 219 5:00-6:30
April 5 TSC 27 5:00-6:30
April 27 TSC 219 5:00-6:30