The Prince and the Duchess

Media attention surrounds Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan

It is a well known fact by many that the British royal family is one of the oldest and most influential monarchies in the world. Nevertheless, the royal circle notably has an exorbitant amount of drama surrounding it in accompaniment with all of their fame and glory. 

   Recently, the timeline of events for the royal family has been what most would describe as quite unfortunate. 

   A brief background of the royal family – relevant to this topic – begins with the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in May of 2018. Instantly, insiders and outsiders alike disapproved of the marriage and relationship as a whole due to Markle’s background. 

   Markle, being of mixed-race heritage and being raised in Los Angeles, California, was considered by many to be too much of an outsider for the mere consideration of joining the royal family. Moreover, some also detested her successful acting career as well. Notably, Markle was best known for her role on the television series “Suits,” where she remained on the cast for an impressive seven seasons, as well as the romantic love interest roles she has played in numerous Hallmark movies. 

   In addition to her past life as an actress, perhaps the aspect of Markle that people loathed the most is the fact that she had a marriage and divorce already under her belt. 

   Nevertheless, the marriage proceeded with ease, and the newlywed royals were knighted with the title of Duke and Duchess of Sussex, a title that was added to Prince Harry’s royal classification by birth. Subsequent to the wedding all seemed fine in the likes of the royal family – with an occasional disagreement every so often – until roughly two years later. 

   In the emerging months of 2020, a media statement was released by the couple on Instagram announcing their plans to step back as senior members of the royal family while continuing to support Her Majesty, The Queen. Reportedly the main reasoning behind the Duke and Duchesses decision was due to the harsh media attention and coverage regarding their relations with the royal family. 

   “While Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s historic decision seemed sudden to some (including, according to reports, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, and Prince William), the intense scrutiny on the royal couple in the media and recent interviews have sent up red flags among the popular royals. Harry and Meghan have publicly been battling negative press and media scrutiny — much of it against the duchess — since she joined the royal family in 2018. The couple has filed a number of lawsuits against media companies and made public statements about how the coverage is impacting their mental health,” the Women’s Wear Daily website disclosed. 

   After their resignation from their roles within the royal family, the media coverage never ceased and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were still subject to increased amounts of scrutiny. 

   Based on their experiences, the Duke and Duchess agreed to be involved in a number of British and American based interviews, including 60 seconds and Oprah, which honed in on their mistreatment by the media and the royal circle themselves. These interviews provided a lens into the disturbing happenings and accusations the couple had been subject to. 

   Furthermore, their docuseries, “Harry & Meghan” was released in December of 2022, just a few months after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. The limited American Netflix series features six episodes of up-close-and-personal details about the ex-royals’ lives from the beginning, as well as their activities since abandoning their senior royal duties. 

   “From rifts to racism, leaked stories to lawsuits, Harry and Meghan describe their challenges and what lead to their exit from the Royal Family,” the Netflix website discloses on the title page of the docuseries. 

   In lieu of the “Harry & Meghan” docuseries release, a mere one month later an autobiography written by the Prince himself was released in January of 2023 titled, “Spare.” 

   “The title, in case you’re wondering, is the nickname bestowed on Harry in infancy. He was to be the second-born “Spare” to the “Heir” of his older brother William, future Prince of Wales. “I was the shadow,” he writes now, “the support, the Plan B. I was brought into the world in case something happened to Willy.” And if you ever doubted that’s a recipe for resentment, here are 400-plus pages to set you right,” Louis Bayard, contributor for The Washington Post unfolds. 

   The memoir reveals a long list of personal experiences of Prince Harry, as well as some illuminating information about royal family drama. Even the namesake for the book brings up its fair share of political turmoil. 

   “In his tell-all memoir, ‘Spare’, Prince Harry tells his own story in his own words. Leaked excerpts from the explosive book emerged ahead of its official Jan. 10 release date, and now, the real deal has arrived. The chapters reveal one shocking personal truth after another—including the way the duke lost his virginity, the day he re-created his mother’s last moments, and the brutal physical fight he had with his brother, Prince William,” Rosa Sanchez and Chelsey Sanchez, content writers for the Harper’s Bazaar website collectively described. 

   In addition to the many explosive revelations that Harry reveals in his memoir, he also writes about heartfelt moments like his internal struggles when reminiscing about his mother, Princess Diana, and his final words to the late Queen Elizabeth II. 

   In most recent events, earlier this month, the Duke and Duchess were reportedly asked to leave their official United Kingdom royal residence by the reigning monarch himself, King Charles III. British media sources are also reporting that he not only asked them to vacate the residence, but that King Charles has also offered the residence to his brother Prince Andrew for the taking. 

   Frogmore Cottage, which sits on the grounds of Windsor Castle, has been the home of the Duke and Duchess since 2019, when the Queen originally permitted their residence there. 

   “Harry’s father, King Charles III, is said to have made the decision to move his son and daughter-in-law out of their home in January, shortly after Harry’s bombshell memoir “Spare” was released, according to ABC News contributor Omid Scobie,” ABC News contributor Katie Kindelan speculates. “According to Scobie and The Sun newspaper, Frogmore Cottage has instead been offered to Charles’ younger brother, Prince Andrew, who is no longer a working royal after facing scrutiny over his relationship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.”

   Other than this major bombshell that King Charles III has dumped into the laps of the Duke and Duchess, there have been no comments by any spokespersons for the royal family, as well as no comments from Buckingham Palace. As of now, it is unclear if, or when, the Duke and Duchess will be vacating the Frogmore Cottage premises, but needless to say, the media attention surrounds the ex-royals once again. 

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