Celebrating farmers and ranchers

National Ag Day 2023

Mark your calendars for March 21, 2023 to celebrate this year’s National Agriculture (Ag) Day.

National Ag Day is a time for producers, consumers, organizations, government agencies, schools, and countless others to gather in celebrating the abundance agriculture supplies us with. Agriculture is the backbone of our economy and well-being. Thanks to agriculturists, we have food on our plates and clothes on our backs. 

This year marks 50 years of celebration for National Ag Day since 1973. It was founded by the Agriculture Council of America, a non-profit organization of leaders in the agriculture and food community. This day was founded to honor the efforts of people involved in agriculture and promote awareness for the industry. The first National Ag Day was celebrated in 1979, and has since then grew.

Agriculture awareness is important for everyone as it keeps us happy, healthy, and alive. As you walk through the isles of the produce section, it is important to understand how that product started as a seed and the steps it took to get to your local grocery store. If you get stuck behind a combine taking up two lanes of traffic on your daily commute, it is important to understand the duties of that machinery and the farmer behind the wheel who works countless hours harvesting. 

Not only does agriculture feed and clothe us, but agriculture by-products supply us with many of the things we enjoy; such as candles, chewing gum, cosmetics, footballs, and many more. There are an abundance of careers within the agriculture industry besides farming and ranching. Truck drivers, agri-business people, agri-communicators, recreational and tourism, food scientists, and agri-sales reps, are all involved in the production of agriculture.

National Ag Day is the opportunity to bridge the gap between producers and consumers. You can celebrate by supporting local agriculturalists, such as buying their products or thanking them, volunteering your time to an agriculture organization, bringing awareness to agriculture through social media, or considering career opportunities of interest to you within the agriculture industry. 

To learn more about National Ag Day or participate, visit agday.org.