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A goodbye KISS

KISS’s last show, 50 years later

On Dec. 2 of this year, KISS, the band that rock and rolled all night, will have their final curtain call. This show, finishing their lengthy world tour End of The Road, will mark the end of the band, and with it, all members will finally retire and no longer perform under their KISS monikers. 

The band KISS has been around since the 1970s, starting in New York. The band has seen different formations of members; however, the original line up consisted of bassist Gene Simmons, rhythm guitarist Paul Stanley, drummer Peter Criss, and lead guitarist Ace Frehley. Their costumes and make-up were extremely dark and edgy, especially in comparison to the pop music of the 70s and 80s. Each member would play a character, and wear makeup to coincide with it, such as the original lineup of characters being The Demon, The Starchild, The Catman, and The Spaceman, respectively. 

Immediately the group found interest from the younger communities, as they wished to rebel against society. However, they quickly found animosity from their conservative elders, who saw the music as satan worshiping, and extremely crude. 

The term ‘KISS’ was first born after Criss made a comment that he was in a band called ‘Lips.’ However, that did not stop suspicions from arising of the name meaning many different things, an example being, ‘Knights in Satan’s Service.’ Though there were concerns over what messages they were spreading, that did not stop the band from receiving widespread success. 

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Since their beginnings, the band has received high praise and recognition for their work, which includes songs such as ‘Rock and Roll All Nite,’ ‘I Was Made for Lovin’ You,’ and ‘Heaven’s on Fire.’ The band has also had its own era within, consisting of early years, rise to fame/promotional, unmasked, reunion and remasking, and finally, the current era being their final tour. 

They have been contested to have changed the look of music, more importantly western music for the future. They are a rock and roll band, and have been on tour, doing solo projects, movies, and performing for the past 50 years.  

The lineup may look a little different currently; however, Simmons and Stanley both have been the only persisting members since its inception. With Frehley and Criss being replaced by drummer Eric Singer and guitarist Tommy Thayer. Simmons and Stanely both in their 20s during their humble beginnings, now aged into their 70s, will be seeing the band off. As of now, Simmons has said there is no plan for the band KISS to continue in the music business.  

However, in talks of passing the name down to a new group, Simmons told Rolling Stones, “I’m totally open to that idea. Why not pass the baton, pass the crown to four new, young people who are deserving?” 

KISS, currently wrapping up their final tour, will make their way back to where it had all begun. They will end their final tour in Moody Square Garden, in New York at 7 p.m. CST. This event will be livestreamed on for 39.99 plus tax, this will be the last time anyone will be able to see them perform.  

 For Information regarding the band and the final show, please visit,, and

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