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Proposition one

Protecting farmers and ranchers

In today’s world, most people can enjoy a nice steak dinner on a special occasion. However, in our lifetime, the chance of enjoying that steak dinner continually decreases. 

The population is growing at an alarming rate, expecting an increase of about 13 million people in the next two decades. As the population is increasing, the amount of agricultural land decreases.

According to the Texas Farm Bureau, “Over the last 25 years, the state population has grown by more than 11 million people. During the same time, over 2 million acres of agricultural land have been lost.”

On Nov. 7, 2023, Proposition 1 received 2,022,396 ‘yes’ votes, which equates to 79.03% of voters wanting to approve this amendment. The passage of Proposition 1 changed the future of our food supply for generations to come. 

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Proposition 1 “added a new section to Article I of the state constitution to establish a right to farming, ranching, timber production, horticulture, and wildlife management on owned or leased personal property,” according to

Proposition 1 provides all producers of agricultural products in the state of Texas the right to farm and ranch without intervention or restrictions from the government. The amendment states that farm and ranch practices cannot be limited by laws passed to protect health and safety, prevent harm to crop production or animals, or preserve Texas’s natural resources.

According to Texas Farm Bureau President Russell Boening, “Proposition 1 aims to protect the families behind our food and the future of food security in the state.”

Approximately 1 in 7 Texans have a job in the food and fiber sector, and locally, Erath County is in the top 10% of agriculture production in the state of Texas. Not only does Proposition 1 protect the producers, but the remainder of the population has food security knowing that the farmers and ranchers can supply us with the food products we need. 

Texas Commissioner of Agriculture Sid Miller stated in an interview with Morning Ag Clips, “Agriculture is the backbone of our great state. I always say ‘no farmers, no food’…this proposition is about more than just preserving our agricultural heritage; it’s about having family farms and ranches to feed us for generations to come.”

The passage of Proposition 1 is considered a “win” for Texas agriculture, but simultaneously is a “win” for all Texans due to the increase in food security. The next time you sit down to enjoy a nice, tasty, steak dinner remember that it is all possible because of

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