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Time’s 2023 CEO of the Year

Sam Altman

Artificial intelligence is everywhere now, and you may not know it. It is used to fix your mistakes in Grammarly, grade assignments through Turnitin, and as the personal assistant in your phone known as Siri or Alexa. What you may not know is the developer who helped kickstart OpenAI, the renowned CEO of the year, as named by the Time magazine. 

Sam Altman is the current CEO of OpenAI, which was launched in 2015 as a nonprofit research and testing company to help further develop and ensure that artificial general intelligence becomes a helpful tool worldwide. This organization is funded through donations and investments to further the complex research and improvement into the coding and testing of AI. 

A year of developing special code had solidified OpenAI’s plan to develop AGI to aid humanity. AI generation works by analyzing large quantities of data, and detecting the underlying patterns that can be predicted in certain scenarios. 

One of its largest, successful products is known as “ChatGPT”, an online chat AI system used to analyze prompts and questions to render useful, informative responses to the users. Sam Altman had helped entice investors such as Microsoft raise approximately $13 billion in funds. 

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This world renowned CEO has also helped quell the anxiety of developing AI, stating that he felt the percentage of AI wiping out humanity was low, but taking the right precautions to help nurture and restrict AI to reduce the risk of using such technology to manipulate or spread misinformation would help lower the likelihood of such threats in the future.

Sam Altman had originally dropped out after 2 years of college at Stanford University to work full time. He helped kickstart “Loopt,” a location based social networking application for mobile devices. Altman raised more than $30 million for the company, but unfortunately due to the lack of popularity, Loopt was sold off to Green Dot Corporation.

Altman had also partnered with Y Combinator, and was later appointed as the president by the co-founder of the company, Paul Graham. Y Combinator is a program based to help start companies through lessons on marketing, production and market specialization, and scaling up into a high growth business.

He has also helped Y Combinator expand its clients and companies such as “Airbnb,” “Dropbox,” and “Stripe.” In 2019, Altman had transitioned from the president of the company to a more remote role as he transitioned his full attention into developing OpenAI.

Although artificial intelligence is rapidly growing and evolving, Sam Altman holds an important role to advocate for the safety and importance of AI, while also holding developers accountable for proper regulation of widespread usage of such technology. 

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