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Valentine’s Day

Gift and date ideas for your better half

Valentine’s Day is not just another dumb excuse for couples to go on dates, get each other teddy bears or those heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, and make bitter single people throw up in their mouths. Valentine’s Day is an important holiday and can be exciting throughout all walks of life. 

Just because someone is single, that does not mean that they can not show their best friends how much they love them through the same means. So here are some ideas on what to get, or where to go with both romantic and platonic connections alike this Valentine’s Day.

For a group of friends, it would be really fun to host a Valentine’s Day-themed party. Eating chocolate and sweets while watching rom-coms together, or even having some other activities planned would make a night to remember. Another fun idea would be to set up a photo booth or get a Polaroid camera to capture all the memories.

If you do not want to get that special someone basic flowers that are just going to die in two weeks anyway, a great alternative would be the flower Lego sets. Flower Lego sets are so cute, and most importantly, last forever (just like your relationship, hopefully).

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Another unique date idea is to get a couple of canvases, channel your inner artiste, and attempt to paint each other. If your partner paints you beautifully, that is great. Or if they are anything like the majority and can only draw stick figures, you may look slightly deformed, but that is even better because you would get to laugh about it together.

Maybe make them their favorite dinner or bake their favorite sweets together. Invite them over, or wait until they come home, and set the mood. Light some candles, get out the rose petals, and set up a cute little pillow fort for a more intimate, cozy setting. Hang up some string lights in there and put on a movie. Nothing beats food and a fun night in with someone you love.

For those who prefer the outdoors, just get lost together. Nothing is more exciting than a good adventure. Go on a hike or camping trip if it is not too cold.

To reignite that spark in the relationship, recreate your first date night. This idea is super romantic, especially for couples’ anniversaries. 

Whatever you decide to do, just remember to stay in the moment and have fun. A lot of societal pressure and expectations often surround this special day, but it does not have to be that way. 

Being nervous is understandable, especially if this is your first Valentine’s Day with your partner. You may be worried about everything being perfect, but if they are truly in love, they will appreciate any thoughtful gestures and enjoy spending quality time together.

This holiday is not about gifts, candy, roses, or fancy dinner reservations. It is not even necessarily about romance. Valentine’s Day is about making the people in your life feel appreciated and loved, just as they do for you.

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