Reisman talks Memorial Stadium renovations

Haley Smith, Contributor

Early in September, Athletic Director Lonn Reisman talked about the anticipated renovations of Memorial Stadium. According to Reisman, the renovations have been a long awaited project for Tarleton State University and are starting to be finalized and set in motion.

A press release stated that Huckabee and Heery Sports was chosen to complete the renovations on the stadium. The release said that the Texas A&M University System Board of Regents has authorized $24 million to allocated be for the project.

Along with the original plans for the seating in Memorial Stadium to expand from 7,400 to 9,400, the release also shows a drawing of what the stadium is expected to look like once finished.

Questions began to arise as to why they are renovating and how much it would cost.

Reisman and Susan Burton, the assistant athletic director, were able to provide answers to the questions from students.

“Our stadium is outdated. The lighting is insufficient and the turf needs to be replaced” When asked about the logic behind the renovations Burton stated.

“The track needs to be replaced. The press box is too small and also on the wrong side.”

The new stadium is expected to have a similar look to other NCAA stadiums across the nation.

“Our university is growing, so a larger stadium is needed” Burton stated.

Further questions were asked about whether the TexAnn volleyball team would get a new gym. So far there are no plans for a new volleyball gym.

Burton and Reisman, along with TexAnn Volleyball head coach Mary Schnidler, like the gym because, “When our students and fans fill the stands, it provides an intimidating home court advantage.”

The expected start date for renovations is May 2017, while the completion date is set to be by first kickoff of the 2018 football season.