Mixed reviews of images presented for Texan Rider logo

Mixed reviews of images presented for Texan Rider logo

Arantxa Sosa and Hilaree Foreman

This spring, Tarleton State University will reveal the new Texan Rider spirit mark. The decision came after more than a year and a half of talks between administration, students, faculty and alumni.

In July, Tarleton sent out a survey asking students, faculty and alumni to vote on which design they liked best for a possible a new Texan Rider logo and any additional feedback. Tarleton received over 3,000 responses to the survey.

“More than 50 percent of people responding said that they liked the options for the logos that were proposed,” said Harry Battson, Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Communications.

“We had about 10 percent who said they don’t like it, then we had about 20 percent who said they really don’t like it,” said Battson.

“Updating is great but, never forget what the past has represented and all those who wore it”, said a student in the comment section of the survey.

Others weren’t so pleased with the idea of change.

“Tarleton is about history and tradition. The current rider is classic, and alumni of our great school identity with that spirit.  I’m not sure why there would be a need to change what we have. Are we trying to be cool? I highly doubt that Oscar P or the Purple Poo would be considered cool, but the history and tradition behind them make any Tarleton [member] proud,” said another commenter.

However, some alumni and students liked the idea of changing things up a bit.

“I am an alumni. I don’t mind seeing a new logo as long as it keeps with the spirit/traditions of Tarleton. This logo could work with a little more tweaking. It looks cartoon-ish where the current logo captures the tradition of Tarleton, a kind of toughness,” said one Tarleton alumni.

Others are excited for the new merchandise that could come with the new Texan Rider, “These marks look great! I’m eager to see them on shirts!”

Battson is optimistic that there will be favorable reviews to the new logo.

“Sometimes people are resistant to change and when it comes they’re like ‘hey that’s not too bad’,” Battson said.