How to transition from summer to fall fashion

Markie Koch, Guest Writer

This past week, Stephenville got some real “Fall Feels” with the short cold snap we experienced during the week. The weather last week was a real tease; not to mention Starbucks has released their Pumpkin Spice Latte for the season and a lot of stores putting out the hot new fall fashion items.

I’ll be the first to say that I’m in love with all things fall! You can catch me supporting shades of burgundy, browns and burnt oranges in this lovely 90 degree weather that has returned to us, and my apartment is FULL, and I mean full, of all things autumn décor, and I do love myself a good PSL each morning.

Being a fashion major, I’m obsessed with what’s new and “hot” in the fashion industry. So far, these are some of the great staple pieces that I’ve found locally that you can add to your wardrobe ASAP!

Jewelry can make or break an outfit. For me, I love bracelets, so I always have them on, normally in a gold, especially for fall because it really contrasts with the colors such as burgundy or oranges and browns that play a huge roll in the fall color scheme. Of course, necklaces such as the beaded one I’m wearing, can spice up any look. Mine just happens to be in a brown shade that blends so well with each outfit.

The coolest thing about fashion is you can take any look and make it your own. I love taking things and making them fit my style. For me, I like to dress up my outfits more so I’m more likely to add a high heel shoe or simple ankle boot. Others might like to dress down with sneakers, like my blush pink ones.

Whatever the case, these items are so readily available for the consumers to take them and make them apart of their “brand” so to speak, and that is one of the greatest things. Two people may have the same shirt, but the way they style them can be completely different, it is just what speaks to them and their style.

Courtesy of Markie Koch

Outfit 1

Literally, this cardigan gives me life! The burnt orange color is perfect for fall, but the softness and fit of it make you just want to cuddle up and watch movies all day. This is defiantly a go-to staple piece for me, whether it is throwing it on over a dress I used during the summer
to make that perfect transition outfit, or going more casual with a cute tee with a saying that is all the rage at the moment.

The shirt I paired it with says “Coffee is life” and it’s not wrong! My go to bottoms are a nice ripped up pair of jeans to make the looks slightly edgy, but to transition from summer shorts would be a great option, especially if you are like me and want to wear fall clothing when its 90 degrees outside.

Whatever the case, you can’t go wrong with having a cardigan in your wardrobe this season. This shade is going to rule the fashion industry this fall season, which is perfect because it is one of my favorites!


Courtesy of Markie Koch


Outfit 2

My favorite that can be worn year- round is this denim skirt, which thank goodness has made a comeback from its original glory days back in the 1970s.

First and foremost, fashion ALWAYS repeats itself, some trends good and others bad, but this denim skirt is a great piece for fall, spring, or even summer. You can dress it up or down just by simply adding the right shoe to the look. For me, my favorite is to pair it with this beautiful burgundy ‘flowy’ top that I got at The Blue Flamingo here in Stephenville, and to throw on a pair of brown ankle boots to give it that nicer, more girly look. However, you can simply pair this with cute sneakers and a T-shirt to have a more casual, every-day look perfect for class!


Courtesy of Markie Koch

Outfit 3

You can never go wrong with a great sweater and jeans. This look is another favorite of mine because it is so simple. Shades of brown are a love of mine, so much so I had my bedroom painted dark brown growing up.

This sweater is so light-weight that it is perfect for the chilly mornings and warm afternoons we are having because it keeps you just warm enough, but doesn’t make you sweat all day.

Pairing it with ripped jeans makes it very causal, especially adding a blush pink sneaker to have a little pop of color in an otherwise neutral outfit. To make this look a little nicer, you could pair with nice, non-ripped jeans or even the denim skirt I mentioned earlier. Either way, everyone should have some sort or sweater, especially a brown or burnt orange shade in their closet!