How to live a fashionable life on a ‘chicken nugget budget’


Tassle earrings bought at Walmart by Duran to add something fun to her outfits.

Maya Duran, Guest Writer

The fall season is my favorite season of the year, said every girl ever. Just like every girl out there, I get a wee bit more excited around this time of the year, and it truthfully isn’t because of Starbucks; well maybe just a little, but its because of all the amazing sales happening right now!

Around this time of the year, all of the cute boutiques and clothing stores start clearing out their inventory to make room for their fall items. This is the perfect time to stock up on all those cute items that you were eyeing all summer but didn’t want to pay a bunch for.

Duran (right) wearing her two-piece set from Runway Seven.

This happens to me all the time; I’ll see something adorable at a boutique, then I remember that I have expensive taste on a chicken nugget budget and never end up getting it! All summer, I was on the hunt for a very cute and good quality two-piece set. I had seen them in multiple boutiques, but I didn’t want to pay 25 plus dollars for the top and bottom individually. Just a few weeks ago, I was online shopping at a boutique called “Runway Seven,” which has a storefront in Fort Worth. I saw on their Instagram that they were doing an extra 25 percent off of their clearance and I couldn’t pass it up!

I got this adorable two piece set for less 30 dollars and it was such a hit at the tailgate! I got so many compliments and the better part is, I didn’t have to break the bank either! It was a win-win situation!

Skirts that were purchased at Dirt Cheap by Duran.

One of my favorite stores to shop here locally in Stephenville is Dirt Cheap! Now, if you haven’t been here, you’re definitely missing out! I find cute stuff here all of the time for one to two dollars a piece! My entire collection of skirts has come from there and I got each one for one dollar, no joke! The entire outfit in the second picture was less than $6! The top and skirt were both a buck and  the shoes were $2. You cannot beat that! Finding good deals makes me happier than a kid in a candy shop and Dirt Cheap always makes me feel that way because I never know what good items I am going to find that day!

Outfit Duran purchased at Dirt Cheap.

Looking cute isn’t just about the clothes. Jewelry also makes a huge impact on an outfit as well! I am sometimes hesitant to buy jewelry because it can cost a pretty penny! Recently, Walmart released a line of fun and trendy earrings and they’re only $4 bucks each. That’s a complete steal! I always pick up a new pair whenever I go into Walmart, and now I have endless options and still have extra money left over!

Finding a good deal may sometimes be hard, be the key thing is to dig and stay patient. Check out some of these online boutiques as well as our local Dirt Cheap and find the perfect pieces to add to your closet. Happy shopping!

Entourage Clothing (awesome clearance section)

Runway Seven (they currently have free shipping on all orders)

All photos courtesy of Maya Duran