How to dress fashionably for ‘winter’ in Texas

Brooke Adams, Guest Writer

Winter is coming to town, but unfortunately, not as quick as some of us would like. Thanks, Texas. Winter is by far one of my favorite seasons when it comes to making the cutest outfits come to life.

Anyone who knows me can agree that dressing to the max in the winter is all about layering and of course, accessorizing. This time of year (or every time of year) my go-to color is definitely black and I have no shame when it comes to wearing all 50 shades. With holidays coming up, it really offsets all of the sparkle and shine nicely.

Lucky for Stephenville, we have our own little community of boutiques that have their stores stocked. Some of my personal favorites are Branded Pearl Boutique, Blue Flamingo and of course, Punchy’s. All three of these boutiques cater to different styles, but all seem to have the items every girl is looking for.

Outfit 1

Seriously, this is going in my suitcase for Vegas! Velvet is by far one of my favorite materials, but is even better when it is in my favorite winter hue. The burgundy red color is great for winter and also a go-to for your upcoming Christmas party. As far as this look being flattering, there is nothing better. It has a natural waistline higher up, which makes your waist look smaller. How cool! This is definitely a go-to romper for me because it has all the right pieces to make a versatile outfit. Because of the simplicity of it, this romper allows you to change it up with jewelry and even a vest or cardigan.

The boots I paired it with are so cute and they are actually pretty comfortable. They allow me to wear something with less material in a cooler season because they cover your legs well. I think this outfit is a knockout no matter where you decide to wear it.

Outfit 2

My obsession with denim will never die down. Are you feeling the 1970 vibe yet? These big bell bottom flares speak VOLUMES. The best thing about these pants is that you can relive your mom’s youthful days because I guarantee she probably had some very similar. The trend of the season is definitely the roughed- out edges on the seam. Some people may not appreciate it too much, but I think it gives your look character. As for the top, who doesn’t love a vibrant print that also has sophisticated class? This top gives a fashion forward look with a classy finish.

No matter how many cold shoulders tops you have in your closet from last year, they’re still hot this season. The piece that really completes this outfit is the belt. Adding a belt usually separates the top and pants and really finishes the outfit off nicely.

Outfit 3

Leather, lace and turquoise, oh my! But seriously though, these pants will be your favorite go-to when it comes to going out on the town. They fit so well and can be as simple or as flashy as you want them to be. The lace body suit I paired with the pants is so simple, but has the perfect amount of detail at the same time. It gives the outfit a more edgy look but also fits the winter look because of the all black accents. This is so easy to throw a fur jacket over for more layers or good to as it is for an inside event.

I accessorized this outfit with a turquoise cuff that I consider one of my most prized possessions. Personally, I consider turquoise a neutral all times of the year, but that’s just me. Everyone needs some turquoise in their life because it really completes any outfit.


All photos courtesy of Brooke Adams.