73 years, 7 months and 16 days ago in The JTAC

As reported in The JTAC on July 10, 1945, Tarleton State University was hosting a Sadie Hawkins week. A Sadie Hawkins dance or week is a week in which the stereotypical gender roles of men asking women out is swapped and the women ask out the men. During this week at Tarleton there were instructed to follow the rules or the punishments would be ‘severe.’ The rules were as follows. 

1. All engagements made prior to Sadie Hawkins Week are null and void.

2. Every girl in Tarleton must have two or more dates during Sadie Hawkins Week

3. Proposals of marriage are in order, but they must be made in the traditional manner and the girl must furnish the ring.

4. Females must spend at least five cents per date on males and must not spend more on themselves than they do on their dates.

5. Females must make all approaches, advances, etc; and any male caught drumming up trade will be severely punished.

6. All courtesies generally due ladies will be due gentlemen.

7. A boy may not refuse a date unless he is going home to his grandma’s funeral, has over $1,000,000 in the bank, has passed over twenty eight hours during the first semester, has to study, has a date, has a headache, or just washed his hair and cant do a thing with it.