53 years ago in The JTAC

As reported in the April 27, 1966 issue of The JTAC, Tarleton State University Students were preparing to observe parents day.

The story was written by Dr. Mike Leese, who is currently serving as the Tarleton Vice President for Student Affairs. When Dr. Leese wrote this story back in 1966 he was a reporter for The J-TAC.
Tarleton students were set to elect their 1966 Parents Day Queen. There were five nominees who were on the ballot. The five nominees were students from all across one freshman, 3 sophomores and 1 senior. The woman crowned Parents Day Queen would resides over the Sunday festivities. During which they announce winners of scholarships, outstanding students by department and service achievements. Always embracing Tarleton’s core values of service to the University and community.

The tradition of Parents Day has now changed to Family Weekend that happens during the fall semester. During which families are invited out to see the campus and they kids at college. During Family Weekend they have sporting events to watch, ring ceremonies, actives and music to listen to.

Not only the name has changed but also how long the festivities last. Parents day was only Sunday which parents weekend lasts from Friday to Sunday.