Exactly 11 years ago in Tarleton History

Larry Joe Taylor Texas Music Festival has been around for the past 31 years and back in 2008 it was no different bringing it back home to Melody Mountain Ranch once again. Although it was 11 years ago the LJT buzz was getting Tarleton excited for the music festival, even back then safety has always been a concern for such a large crowd.

Now this the addition of #SafeLJT on campus and at the festival safety is a priority at LJT. With the increase of security and police officers at LJT, if you see a problem happening all you have to do if notify someone and it will be resolved quickly. This year they are adding rides to and from hotels on the Jesus bus to keep out of town festival goers safe.

Back in 2008 it was only a five day long festival and Tuesday night had a limit of 300 people who could get in. In 2008 Larry Joe said, “I am really looking forward to Tuesday night because it helps keep the intimate feelings of the festival.”

The first festival was in Mingus, Texas. Since then the start of LJT the crowd has consistently grown every year. Stemming from humble roots of wanting a place for him and his friends to play their music. Where artist and fans could all gather together to listen to some great music.

LJT has a diverse group of performers coming to play their music. With performances beginning at 10 a.m. and music continuing through the night at campfire jams. LJT packs more than 50 acts onto four stages in six days.

Remember to stay safe out there and have a great time.