Tyler Schuster to become the Voice for the Beef Industry

Photo courtesy of the Tarleton COAES Instagram.
Junior, Tyler Schuster, is honored to be selected to serve as a Collegiate Beef Advocate for the American National CattleWomen Inc.

Tyler Shuster is a junior Ag Industries and Agencies Major from Brackettville, Texas. Schuster’s time at Tarleton State University has included serving as President of The Ag Communicators of Tomorrow, Congresswomen for the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, State Vice President of Texas Collegiate FFA and Tarleton Transition Mentor. After much consideration, Schuster will serve as a Collegiate Beef Advocate under the American National Cattlewoman Inc.

“Tyler has been in our (academic) program for two years,” said Dr. Wayne Atchley, Department Head for Agriculture and Consumer Sciences. “She represent the dept very well. She’s active in the student organization on campus and ACT. We’re extremely proud of her. She’s a go-getter, she gets out there, finds a challenge and rises to the challenge. This award further showcases her commitment to agriculture and her role within the agriculture industry.”

The Collegiate Beef Advocacy Program was started by American National Cattlewomen Inc. to serve as a connection between the cattle ranchers and the public.

“There’s really a disconnect there,” said Atchley. “Most people don’t understand what it takes to produce beef for the United States and for the world. Tyler’s role is to be an advocate for the beef program. To inform people about the ways we produce the food that’s coming to your table, specifically beef, and why its important to support the agriculture industry. She’s going to be a vocal advocate between the ranchers and the consumer.”

Given how crucial the responsibilities are for a beef advocate, Atchley is absolutely confident Tyler will succeed in her role.

“Anytime she’s in a leadership role, she just takes the lead and follows through with it,” said Atchley. “She’s got an excellent voice. Tyler’s just a great leader when it comes to that aspect of her studies and what she’s doing as an advocate for agriculture.”

“She’s got a very recognizable presence in our office,” said Atchley. “She’s very visible on campus and is active in the Ag Communicators of Tomorrow program. We’re really proud (to have her) represent our department.”

As part of her plan, Schuster plans to receive her master’s degree in Ag leadership and become a lobbyist for the agriculture industry.

“I would really like to be a lobbyist and be a voice for farmers and ranchers who don’t have the time to be the voice they need,” said Schuster. “I want to be the voice others need.”

With her goal to become a voice for members of the agriculture community, her admittance in the Collegiate Beef Advocacy Program is a step in the right direction.

As a beef advocate, she will be responsible for learning how to, “become the best advocate I can become. And through that, I’ll be making connections, networking and taking industry tours. Mainly, were just learning how we can be the voice, how can we respond to things on social media, how can we talk to the urban kid who’s interested in cattle, how can we become the best we can be for the industry.”

“I’m honestly just honored,” said Schuster. “The fact that I have been so prepared for this point in my life. Only three people in the nation get this (position) and I’m one of three. It speaks volumes for my raising and my parents but also to all the faculty and staff at Tarleton who have helped me along the way. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am without them. They planted the seeds for me to open all these doors that had led to this.”

“Dr. Brant Poe and Dr. Chandra Andrew are two of the many professors in this dept who have poured into me and seen my potential and helped me build it,” said Schuster.

Dr. Poe and Dr. Andrew were the two professors who recommended Schuster to be a beef advocate.

“I am forever grateful for everyone in this office,” said Schuster. “The things they’ve done and will do for me. I can’t even put into words how awesome it is to know you have people in your corner like them. Dr. Poe and Dr. Andrew have helped me built my voice for agriculture in different ways but both instrumentally.”