Resources for success


Alex Huerta/ The JTAC

A group of students studying in a collaboration room in the upper level of the library.

Good study skills can sometimes be the difference between passing and failing a course. Luckily study skills are something anyone can learn. Anyone in college can succeed, but you do have to be willing to put in hard work, utilize your time and find proper study habits.

Tarleton State University has the Tutoring and Learning Center and their mission is to “assist students in developing effective techniques for facilitating their own learning. The TLC is committed to fulfilling its mission by helping students attain their highest level of academic achievement possible by creating a supportive and challenging environment that will provide equal opportunity to all students for academic success”. To help students reach their goal they offer Supplemental Instruction, Texans 4 Texans Tutoring, Coordinated Group Study and Online Tutoring Services.

Here at Tarleton we have Supplemental Instruction or SI for particular classes. This is a “free academic enrichment program designed to support student learning through peer-assisted study sessions. SI provides an informal forum for students to interact, discuss course content, enhance learning, and construct a framework of strategies for academic success. SI is facilitated by trained students, previously successful in the course.” If your professor has an SI (not all classes have SI’s) for your class the best thing you can do to ensure your academic success is to attend these free tutorial sessions. SI sessions are open to all students enrolled in that class. SI sessions are integrate how-to-learn with what-to-learn, incorporate study skills, reinforce classroom instruction. This often includes extra test preparation these sessions can truly help you understand the material and succeed. Not all professors have an SI as a part of their class but you can attend another professor’s SI session or attend Tarleton’s Math Clinic, Science Clinic or Writing Center to help get additional academic assistance. These clinics are free to all students and are open regular business hours.

Texans 4 Texans (T4T) Tutoring are one-hour sessions that can include three students. The sessions are held in the library at both the Stephenville and Fort Worth Campus and online. These tutors are available for more than 16 academic disciplines and over 50 subjects. Tutors are selected based on academic performance and interpersonal skills, they receive training every semester, help students become independent learners, and they clarify concepts introduced in class. This is different than an SI session because these tutors do not attend the course.

Alex Huerta/ The JTAC
A group of students studying in a collaboration room in the upper level of the library.

The TLC brings classmates together for organized, informal Coordinated Group Study that is especially useful for students enrolled in courses not supported by tutoring or supplemental instruction. The TLC helps classmates connect and form study groups, assists with contracts with agreed upon expectations, and supports success during group study times. The Coordinated Group Study is intended to be supportive and judgment-free zone, will include three to six members consisting of reliable, determined, and equally dedicated team members, directed and organized by group members. It can be difficult to find students who want to form study group when the class is rather large. This is a great opportunity because chances are these classmates will be in other courses with you. If you enjoy studying with them you already have a study group for your next class together.

Please don’t ever feel embarrassed for going to these clinics or tutoring sessions. I can guarantee that it’s not just you who is in need of assistance. Go to these sessions at the beginning of the semester because if you don’t have a good foundation from the start then later things will be a lot more confusing. If you start focusing on studying and getting help in the beginning then you can break down the material into manageable sections. Your brain can’t stay focused for as long as you may like it, so instead of cramming the last week of class spread out your studying sessions.

Remember, don’t be afraid to utilize these services! They are all free! These could be the difference in passing or falling a course!

To find out more information about SI ask your instructors if SI is available for their course. You may also stop by the Thompson Student Center, Room 15, or call (254) 968-9009. For Tutoring Services or Coordinated Group Study stop Dick Smith Library Learning Commons, Room 155 or call (254) 968-9293.