The State of the Transition – Tarleton will transition to a Division 1 University


Francisco Castro/ The JTAC

Athletic Director Lonn Reisman holds up a card that he has kept for motivation since he began coaching.

Francisco Castro/ The JTAC

In a record setting vote, Tarleton State University will be transitioning into a Division I University in June of 2020 after 68.15% of voters chose yes on the athletic referendum. 

1,595 students voted in the athletic referendum that determined if students wanted to increase the athletic fee charged in tuition to enable Tarleton to compete in Division I athletics. 

Tarleton State University President Dr. Hurley said that “I have never been more proud of a student body than I am of you.” He went on to thank the student body for putting the needs of their university above their own self interests might be and voting yes for this initiative. 

Student Body President, Tyler Schuster, came up to the podium to thank athletics for the things they’ve done to open up opportunities for students now and in the future. 

Athletic Director Lonn Reismann said that he kept a quote on his desk for 16 years. That said “many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” Reismann said that because of this quote he didn’t give up and now he will put this quote in his files after the success of this initiative. 

Casey Hogan stated in the closing of this announcement that there will be another large announcement made in Wisdom Gym in the coming weeks.