Care Bears spread the love this Valentine’s Day.


Francisco Castro

Care Bears Jeremiah and Sarah McGrath hold out their love in the form of Valentines Day cards. This duo has been seen around campus giving out these cards to Tarleton students.

In light of the Valentine celebration, two lovable and huggable teddy bears have appeared on the Tarleton campus to spread the love. This cuddly duo has been spotted throughout the campus giving out their hearts in the form of valentine cards to any and all Tarleton Texans who happen to be passing by. The reaction to receiving this gift of affection has left many Texans with joy and appreciation as they go about during their day.

“Everybody needs a Valentine” said Casey Jones, member of Alpha Phi Omega fraternity. “[The bears] pass [the valentine] cards, they give hugs and make them laugh.”

This love-able operation is that of a collaboration of members of APO and a staff member of the Clyde H. Wells Fine Arts Center. Member Jeremiah and Fine Arts Theatre Technical Manager Sarah McGrath played the role of the teddy bears and walked about, passing on the love to whomever they say walk by. Whether it was a student on the way to class or a grounds keeping crew member driving by, this team of bundled love would go out of their way to pass on the love. The valentine cards they give are addressed and carry with them a caring and loving message within. With the cards is also an invitation for a hug and a picture, which many Texans have accepted before parting ways.

The group plans to continue to walk around until they have to return to their daily routine. If you happen to see them on the way to class, don’t be afraid to go up to them and get a picture and a hug.