Larry Joe Taylor Festival rescheduled for second year in a row

LJT Fest rescheduled for September 2021

Larry Joe Taylor

LJT Fest Update 2021

Larry Joe Taylor makes announcement regarding rescheduling of LJT fest.

On Monday March 1, Larry Joe Taylor (LJT) announced in a video that his annual music festival, LJT Fest will be moved to Sept. 13 through the 18. In turn the annual Rhymes and Vines Fall Festival will be moved to April 21 to 24.

The announcement comes after weeks of attempted planning that ultimately lead to the realization that LJT Fest can’t be held in the traditional manner fans know and love. Taylor explained that on Feb. 5, 2021, his team met with Erath county officials to discuss the proceeding of the LJT Fest. While they were given approval to proceed at reduced capacity with socially distanced guidelines, it was clear that they had not only sold more tickets than the event could safely hold but also that this was not the way LJT Fest should be conducted.

“When our fans and sponsors bought their tickets in late 2019 and 2020, they were not purchasing a socially distanced product. They didn’t ask for the rules to change, to wear a mask or to be tied down to a pod stage area for six days,” Taylor said.

He further explains that while this business model works for other events, it does not work for LJT Fest. The pictures fans see when they think of LJT Fest does not line up with the guidelines that must be followed.

“It undermines the integrity and does not represent what this festival is about or has been built on for the past 32 years. That’s packed crowds standing shoulder to shoulder, singing and dancing to live Texas music and outdoor camping for six days. That the LJT Fest we all know and love. I won’t put my name on anything less for this event,” Taylor said.

Therefore, provisions had to be made to ensure that patrons of the event receive the best possible experience. Taylor and his team decided that the best option would be to move LJT Fest to Sept. 13 through the 18 and hold their other event, the fall Rhymes and Vines Festival April 21 through the 24.

“Rhymes and Vines is a much smaller festival and can be produced comfortably during these times,” Taylor said.

LJT Fest brings in upwards of 60,000 people each year and turns Melody Mountain Ranch into an event the size of a small city. There are no questions that putting on an event the size of LJT Fest would be difficult during a pandemic. Taylor expressed his gratitude to all the people involved in the event and patrons who are anxiously waiting to attend.

“When you understand that this is a six day event that draws 50 to 60 thousand people then you start to understand the challenges of pulling that together during a pandemic. The LJT Fest at melody mountain ranch in the third week in April each year, quickly becomes the largest city in Erath county. I’d like to thank all of you for your overwhelming support though this ordeal. It is humbling to see the unwavering loyalty of Texas music friends,” Taylor said.

Refunds will be available to ticket holders and sponsors. If you have purchased a ticket of any kind, you will be receiving and email on Friday March 5, with more information on the transfer of date and refunds. If you’d like to know more about the decision you can go to to watch Taylor’s announcement.

The JTAC has reached out to Melody Mountain Ranch management for comment, but we have not received a response yet. We will continue to update this article as more information is available.