Tullos finds home on campus

Passion for Tarleton led student to SGA

Third year student from Hallettsville Texas and Student Body Vice President, Alexandra (Lexy) Tullos, is a Geoscience major with an environmental science concentration. After she graduates from Tarleton State University, she hopes  to go to school at The University of Denver to get an Environmental Management masters with a concentration in Emergency Management.

She wants to use her schooling to go after natural disasters and help communities rebuild their environment after these tragic events. She is graduating in August of this year and intends on starting her masters in the fall.

In the Spring of 2020, Tullos joined the Sigma Phi Lambda Sorority. A Christian sorority known for being “Sisters for the Lord.” Following her activation in the Tarleton Chapter, she fell in love with the girl group. She later became the new member educator and now serves as the President.

Tullos started her Student Government Association (SGA)  journey in her first semester here at Tarleton as a part of the Freshman Representative Council (FRC). In the following year, she served in the congress for her college and now has the pleasure of representing the entire student body as the 2021-2022 Student Body Vice-President alongside her partner, Student Body President, Walker Kirk. 

Tullos is also a member of the Tarleton Geological Society and is an advocate for students to get involved. 

“I think getting involved and finding your community is very important… find those people… as much as we are individuals and different there is someone or a group with the same likes and interests,” Tullos said. 

She explained that getting involved and meeting like minded individuals is extremely encouraging and will help fellow students feel as though they belong on this campus. She explained she did not feel at home here until she found her groups that she is now  and advised others to try to do the same.

Tullos explained her love for the school and why she was so eager to serve this university as the Student Body Vice-President. She touched on changes she has pushed for to better the lives of those around her and was passionate about just how amazing the Texan experience is. 

When asked what her favorite Tarleton tradition was, she could not give an exact answer, but was sure to say that the Tarleton cube is definitely one of those things that our school does that makes your time at Tarleton special right from the beginning. She also explained how much Tarleton’s homecoming and events during it have really shaped her time here and how grateful she is to be at this school. 

“I really think that homecoming week is a really neat thing because all the students are connected. Everyone comes together no matter their differences and comes to eat purple pancakes or go all to a bonfire or go to the game,” Tullos explained. “It makes you truly feel like a part of the Texan Family.”

As her year of service as SGA Vice-President comes to an end, she wanted to thank the student body for putting her into office and for the great year she has been blessed with.