A dream is a wish your heart makes

Tarleton student accepted into Disney college program


If you have ever stepped foot onto the most “magical place in the world,” then you know the overwhelming emotions that fill your body from head to toe when you’re there. The delicious treats, the lovable music, the Disney friends, and the magical memories are just a few of the many reasons why Disney World is a timeline of fun. The invitingly magical atmosphere is one that would make anybody want to stay  forever. Many dream of one day becoming part of the Disney shows and for some, that dream comes true. 

Myles Taylor, senior business management major, is one of the few Tarleton Texans that was recently accepted into the Disney College Program and is a few steps away from following his enchanted dreams. 

“Growing up, Disney movies were always a sense of escape. I could get lost in a story and everything I was going through magically melted away. And going to the theme parks, you are magically transported into the worlds that these stories created. The feeling of watching these stories that I held so close to me happen in front of me was awe inspiring. I applied because I wanted to help create that magic for the little kids who use Disney as an escape, to help craft those moments that change their lives,” Taylor explained.

Disney is a building block for many people. Even older people who began watching when Disney was in its first motion picture can more than likely remember what it was about. Even though this franchise has grown tremendously since its start, all parts of Disney are remembered. 

“I originally applied back in 2020. I actually applied on a whim, I had a friend who had got in and thought that i would be a good fit. I wasn’t even sure that it was something that I was capable of. I just randomly decided that I was going to submit an application and see what happened. I actually didn’t tell my parents until I was on the last part of the interview process. This time I knew that it was what I wanted to do and I went for it full force. I applied with full assurity that this was what I wanted to do,” Taylor explained. 

Sadly, 2020 was when COVID-19 decided to strike the United States. This put everything to halt, especially Disney World.

“Like I mentioned, I originally applied back in 2020 and I was actually accepted. Unfortunately, the program was canceled before I could get a chance to go. It was honestly crushing to know that I was no longer going to get to move down there,” Taylor stated. 

Once Disney was up and running again, they got back to business and carried on with their program. After applying again, Taylor was accepted and is now looking forward to what the magical world of Disney has in store for him.

“My ultimate goal is to get a full time job there, specifically in event services,” Taylor stated. “I honestly want to stay forever! Within Disney there are so many different career paths I can take, so I feel like I could stay with them forever.”

His next big step is to move to Florida. Counting down the days until his journey begins, Taylor is excited for this leap of faith. 

“I’m so excited! There is so much out there in the world other than North Texas where I was raised. I want to be able to experience what other places can show me. One of the best ways to grow as a person is to move away from home,” Taylor explained. 

Take risks, enjoy life, and try new things. Regret can be one of the worst feelings to hold in your heart. 

“If you are thinking of applying to the DCP or any program, DO IT! Life is short, do things that make you happy and you enjoy. Going for these things could open doors that you never imagined,” Taylor concluded. 

One of Disney’s biggest messages is to follow your dreams. Whether that be becoming a doctor, a teacher, or a pilot, do what makes you happy. As Walt Disney once said, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”