A mother, a mentor, a friend

Hillary Trussell makes her final mark on Tarleton State University

Mother, mentor and friend, Hillary Trussel used her time at Tarleton State University to enrich the department of student media by illustrating acts of kindness, encouragement and leadership. 

During her time at Tarleton, Trussell worked as a graduate student in career services, worked full-time in Human Resources (HR), served as the coordinator in student affairs marketing and communications as well as student publications. She was later promoted to manager for the department. In 2021, Trussell was promoted to Director of Student Media. Her key responsibilities included overseeing all marketing communications projects, helping run the Tarleton Student social media accounts and helping with stage setups for various on-campus events. The list of Trussell’s responsibilities continued to grow  as she was also in charge of managing the Grassburr, Tarleton’s student-led yearbook. 

Aside from overseeing a plethora of student media organizations like the JTAC Newspaper and the Source, Trussell was an inspiration and mentor to many young professionals.

“Hillary was an incredible mentor and she taught me so much of what has made me into the young, capable professional I am today. I think the greatest lesson Hillary taught me was how to be a great leader in all aspects of life, not just work. Hillary has a way of communicating and working with people that pulls people in. It makes them want to get to know her and to work with her. Through watching her and working with her, I hope I gleamed some of that wisdom and leadership as well,” JTAC Newspaper advisor, Caitlyn Oxford said.

In addition to running an entire department of professionals and student workers, Trussell is a devoted full time mother to her two toddlers. Her nurturing nature commonly spilled over into the workplace, as she always seemed to approach situations with a calm and understanding attitude. 

In 2022, Trussell left Tarleton State and took a job as a marketing consultant. However, Trussell has left a significant impact on the Department of Student Media. Trussell leaves behind her a team of young men and women that will continue to strengthen student publications at Tarleton State. Although she will be missed, the JTAC, Grassburr and The Source will continue to thrive due to the amazing leadership Hillary left behind.