Tarleton gets an alcohol trial run

Sodexo gets a one day trial run to sell alcohol at university events


Lily Verhoeven

ChadWick Thibodeaux tackling an opponent during the Northeastern state football game on March 27, 2021.

Rounding out founder’s week on the Stephenville campus will be the Tarleton State University special spring football game on Saturday, April 23, 2022. 

Something that goes along with the excitement of football is the excitement for the tailgate that happens prior to kickoff. However, this game isn’t just about football this time, there’s a new exciting factor that will be amplifying the festivities. There will be beer and wine sold at the concessions of the football game.

Leading up to the voting for alcohol, Erath county first permitted the sale of wine and beer in November of 2008. Erath was one of the very few counties left that were dry in Texas. This changed when Erath County residents voted for the sale of alcohol at the Town Hall meeting in November of 2021. Now, alcoholic beverages of any kind can be sold in places other than grocery stores and restaurants that qualify as private institutions. This is a great step forward and will bring more business to Stephenville as time comes.

Sodexo is Tarleton State University’s provider for food and beverages and had to apply for the license to sell alcohol. As a trial run, The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission issued a one-day permit for Tarleton to be used at Memorial Stadium. If successful, this will be a huge addition to the fan’s atmosphere and the tailgate and will earn Tarleton State university a 2- year license to sell alcohol. Sodexo and Tarleton Police Department will also be training the concession employees to know how to ID in prevention of selling to minors.

Kaela Terrazas is a sophomore at Tarleton and when prompted about how she thinks the selling of alcohol will affect the fans at the game. Kaela replied, “ I think the fans will definitely be more engaged since it’s a spring game… I think it’ll double the excitement of the fans.” The football game will put the Tarleton 2022 football team on display and will have tailgating, concessions, etc. The lots for tailgating will open at 9 a.m. and the game will start at 6 p.m. with free admission.