Let’s get physical

Students express how intramural sports helped them get active and make friends

The Tarleton State University Recreational center offers many extracurriculars including outdoor pursuits, rock wall climbing, yoga and dance classes, and much more. One that is of particular interest is intramural sports and tournaments. The intramural sports include; flag football, softball, soccer, volleyball, etc. Tournaments include Madden, bubble soccer, FIFA, etc. However, within these sports, there are divisions such as men’s, women’s, and co-ed to even out the playing field and also provide a challenge.

All current students who are not participating athletes under the NCAA are eligible to sign up and play. You do not even have to know how to play, as long as you are on an eligible team and show up, you can join in on all the fun. 

This was my first semester playing on an intramural volleyball team in the women’s division and it’s been the most fun I have had all semester. It takes my teammates and I back to our high school days, and we get a killer workout during the process. Not to mention the fee to play is affordable for college students.

Joining an intramural team has many perks to it. It’s a great way to meet new people with the same interests as yourself. I have met tons of people that I enjoy hanging out with on and off the court. Overall, it’s a great group activity for any organization such as sororities and fraternities.

“I played intramural sports because it is a way to still enjoy the sports we played throughout school and make more friends,” freshman Macie Troxell explained. 

Macie and I met while joining a random intramural team and are now good friends. We love to play every day with our new teammates. This is my favorite reason for joining intramurals and the only reason that is universal to everyone.

Intramural sports help you get active which is also good for your mental and physical health. Just playing intramural sports can help you in the classroom as well. Studies have shown that being active can increase memory capacity, increase energy, lessen stress and heighten focus. The Colorado Technical Institute believes college students should exercise for these cognitive reasons, but they do not have to be vigorous by any means. There are plenty of tournaments that are less strenuous.

If not for the classroom, play to relieve some stress in your life. With finals and classes coming to an end, anxiety and stress can go through the roof. Getting your body moving along with being with people you enjoy hanging out with can release endorphins that give a sense of relief and happiness. It’s important to keep your mind and body healthy and Tarleton has tons of resources for their students.

The rec does not just offer an exercise facility and intramural sports, but also fitness classes such as yoga, kickboxing, cycling, etc. Signing up can be done online and if you have any questions you can visit www.tarleton.edu/campusrec/intramurals.html or contact them at 245-968-9912.