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Tarleton athletics summer camps

Tarleton athletics are in full swing with their summer camps. These camps are a great place for athletes to improve the skills they already have, as well as learn new skills to take their abilities to a new level. 

Tarleton Football has already hosted two camps and they have two more set for this summer. July 9 will be a one-day camp for tenth grade to college seniors, and on July 22 there will be a Friday Night Lights Camp.

Tarleton Volleyball has also already hosted two camps and has several more coming up. On July 20, they will host a setter and a libero camp for grades seventh through twelfth. This group will be followed by a hitters camp being held on July 21. The following day, on July 22, Tarleton Volleyball will host an Elite Camp. The last volleyball camp for the summer will be a Fundamentals Camp for grades first through eighth on July 23. 

Men’s Basketball has three camps on the calendar for their program. There are two one-day camps remaining that this program is holding for grades first through twelfth. They will be held June 20 to 22 and July 25 to 27. 

Women’s Basketball also has one camp remaining for the summer. This will be an Elite Prospect Camp for grades ninth through twelfth on June 27. 

Tarleton Women’s Soccer will be holding their first camp for their program this summer. The first one will be on July 16 and will be an ID Camp for grades eighth through twelfth. The second camp will be a Future Texans Camp for boys and girls ages 6 to12. It will be held July