Building your dream dorm room

Where to find the best dorm decor

If there is one thing I have learned about being in college and living on campus, having a dull room can make you feel like you are in a jail cell. The paint on the walls is not the prettiest color, and it can feel icy and sad if it is not decorated to make it feel like home to you. With that being said, in four and a half years of being a college student, I have done a lot of shopping and found the best places for room decor. 

The first place is HomeGoods. I have found so many things here to decorate my room. I mainly use it for bedding, pillows, and blankets, but I have found some wall decor there as well. Bedding can be extremely expensive, but they have name brands at a discounted price, and they also have bedding to fit any vibe you are going for. 

The next place is TJMAXX. To make this even better, we now have one in Stephenville that is fully stocked. This is where I also buy bedding, kitchen decor, and little fun accessories to add to my room. It is all so cheap and you can shop here with any budget to get what you need to make your room cozier. 

Hobby Lobby, yet another store just added in Stephenville, is best for all things wall decor. They have biweekly sales where things are 40 to 50 percent off, so as long as you go on a week where wall decor is on sale, you can get a lot of bang for your buck. Not to mention, all of the wall decors are super high quality and will last you through college as long as you want to keep them. They have designs for every person’s aesthetic. This includes florals, quotes, random paintings, and everything else you could possibly think of. You may not even know what you want your room to look like, but one look around Hobby Lobby, and you will have it all figured out. 

Shopping to decorate your college dorm can be stressful, but these three stores can help take some of the burdens away. They are super easy to shop in and are always very organized. Just remember, get things that will make your room feel like home.