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What to pack for college

The beginning of the new school year is quickly approaching, and this means it is time to start packing. Packing can be overwhelming and it can be hard to decipher what to pack and what to leave at home. Packing too much and having things you do not need is easy to do. Here are some things you absolutely should make sure to bring or purchase if you do not already have them. 

Aside from the obvious like bedding and toiletries, it is important to have decorations for your room. This can be pictures, wall art, or whatever fits your style, but having something to hang on your walls is vital. Unfortunately, undecorated dorm walls can make your room feel and look like a jail cell. You can find cheap decorations at Walmart, TJMAXX, and even Amazon. 

The next thing that is important to pack is cleaning supplies. They will not provide you with these and there is not anyone that will come around and clean your room for you. If you do not have basic cleaning supplies, your room will get very dirty very fast. No matter how clean you are, just living day to day in your room will collect dust and other debris. Making it a priority to clean everything every week or every other week will make you feel better about your space, and make living in it a lot more comfortable. 

Next is a mattress pad. Even if it is a cheap one from Walmart, having a mattress pad will make your bed so much more comfortable. The mattresses in the dorm are not the worst, but they are not the best to sleep on either. Having some extra padding will make it feel a little less solid and you will sleep so much better. Also, be sure to have more than one set of sheets. Two is the perfect number to have so you can change them out when it is time to wash one set. 

Last, be sure to pack lots of over-the-counter medication. Tylenol, stomach medicine, allergy medicine, and anything else you may think you need are important to have on hand. Catching some kind of minor illness is kind of inevitable when you get to college, so it is important to be prepared because you will not want to go to the store to get medication once you are already sick. 

Obviously, there is a lot more that you need for your college dorm, but these are some of the essentials. Just be sure to only pack what you truly need. If you question whether or not you need it, you probably do not. After your first semester, you will get a better idea of what you need and what you do not so that you can lessen what you pack each year and add anything you should have packed originally. Be sure to check Tarleton’s website for anything they recommend you have as well as things they do not allow in the dorms.