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The future of housing

Did you know that research shows living on campus is beneficial to your overall university experience? Dr. Scott Blackwell has been the Executive Director of Housing for nearly two years; he believes that the benefits to living on campus are numerous. 

“Many students meet lifelong friends by living in campus housing, and the university experience is made more meaningful,” Dr. Blackwell stated.

 He goes on to explain that many research studies claim that students who live on campus are more satisfied with their university experience. 

“Because student residents enjoy greater access to academic and cocurricular resources, they’re much more likely to continue their Tarleton education and finish their academic degree,” Blackwell said. 

Tarleton’s residence halls were built between the years 1961-2016. Hunewell Annex was not the very first residence hall, contrary to popular belief. The very first residential living space was a female dormitory. 

Wilkerson Hall, named after the wealthy widow who financed the project Mary Corn Wilkerson, was built in 1910. Wilkerson Hall was a red brick two story building, and included modern conveniences for the time such as hot and cold running water, electric lights, steam heat and more. 

Over time, several additions were made to the facility which includes: Moody Hall, Gough Hall, Chamberlain Hall, etc. In 1955, Wilkerson was demolished and Hunewell Annex was built in its place. Since then, Tarleton has added several more residence halls including Legacy, Legends, Heritage and more. 

Since 1910, the number of students has grown. With over 3,900 students in fall of 2021, housing on campus has accommodated many more students than ever  before. While Tarleton does plan to keep the “2-year” on campus rule, and have started several projects to help further accommodate the swaths of students who live on campus. Texan Hall is currently undergoing a roof and gutter replacement, a new coat of paint, and cameras in the parking garage for added security. Hunewell Annex has had several renovations over the years including a complete bathroom renovation, and plans to replace all the mattresses in the annex this summer. 

Living on campus at Tarleton can be a great experience. Students can meet best friends, achieve academic goals, and learn lifelong skills. With Tarleton constantly renovating and improving attributes to on campus living, it’s a great place to spend the first two years of the university experience!

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