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Study abroad: yes or no?

How does studying abroad benefit you?

Studying abroad provides students with a number of opportunities  and seeing that there are many different study abroad options available. Most people should find something that resonates with them and what they are looking to get out of studying abroad. Studying abroad presents a number of different benefits for students as well.

Some of the benefits you may acquire are building new skills within your major, meeting and working with different kinds of people, learning about new cultures and learning about different global aspects.

Studying abroad can also be a life altering experience to some. Traveling to a different country and/experiencing new things allows room for personal growth.

You may be put in situations that you have never been a part of before, eat foods that are vastly different from what you normally eat, have a different daily routine, and work with people that have contrasting thought processes than you.

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These situations can allow you to discover more about yourself, the type of environment you thrive in, and what kind of team you work best in. Figuring out these ideals about yourself can help you succeed in your career early on.

There was a study conducted  by the University of Georgia, the Consortium for Analysis of Student Success through International Education, also known as the CASSIE project, that showed that students who study abroad had higher GPAs, graduated at a faster rate, and are more likely to graduate with either a four or six year degree.

There are many different study abroad programs. There are semester abroad (15 weeks), j-term (3-4 weeks), summer abroad (varies), as well as a full year.

A further distinction is whether you would like to do a program through your school, a faculty lead, or a program through a third party. Going through your school would allow you to do a study abroad that is more related to classes with your specific major or minor. It can also allow you to potentially choose a specific instructor.

A third party is often more expensive, but there are some that are pre-packaged with full itineraries. Many third parties also offer financial aid as well as your university.

With all this being said, Tarleton State does offer 19 options for study abroad. These programs vary from different majors, countries, and time frames. The Tarleton Study Abroad website and goes to Student Resources, Tarleton has many links for financial aid, accommodations, their study abroad portal, etc.

These are only some of the things to consider when thinking about studying abroad or even which type of study abroad you would like to participate in.

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