It’s time to get social

The sociology club encourages students to get involved and stay social

The sociology club houses a welcoming community of students who enjoy talking about all things society. The club meets every Wednesday from noon to 1 p.m. in the E.J. Howell Education building in room 318. On Wednesdays when the club does not meet face-to-face, they hold Zoom meetings called the “Sociology Club Social Hour.” During their last meeting on October 5, 2022, members had a discussion about which fictional world they would live in. In their upcoming meeting on October 19, 2022, the sociology club will begin their spooky chats about what makes a villain evil and whether they a’re born that way or made to be evil. The club is currently accepting new members and is fully open to accepting all those interested. The club does not have any membership dues or requirements. 

My role as advisor is to facilitate. We’re a student-run organization. Students pick the discussion topics and lead discussion, students lead our involvement in campus events, and students choose what the organization does in a given year. So, if Tarleton students are looking to get involved, we’re a great organization to meet welcoming folks, participate in volunteerism and campus events, and build leadership skills,” sociology club advisor, Dr. Derek Lehman said.  

The sociology club is perfect for students that are interested in getting involved but have no idea where to start. In addition to their weekly meetings, the club often participates in various events on campus.

We’re also active on campus. We’ll have a table and activity at the Tarleton PRIDE Festival, we’re hosting Pumpkin Bowling at the Fall Festival and we’re sharing a float with Psychology Club in the Homecoming Parade. We look for opportunities to volunteer. For example, the club worked at the Purple Pantry on Service Day last spring and we’ll have more opportunities for volunteerism coming up soon,” Lehman said.  

The sociology club is constantly growing and planning for the future. In recent years, they have become more active on campus which has caused students to join and become active. 

Personally, it was my goal to incorporate some sort of community building and to work on recruitment. I have made a lot of progress on both goals. I established our bi-modal format and brought games to every Social Hour. I helped reestablish our Sociology Deathmatch and I have also encouraged students to lead discussions on our online meetings, which is great for building leadership and public-speaking skills as well as getting more students directly involved in the club. As for in-progress goals, I want to establish some sort of service program. This program is not intended to be the robust programs some organizations have. Rather, it would be small and serve as an introduction to service work. I got this idea when I set up the Sociology Club for Service Day last year. When we were in the Purple Pantry, students were surprised and said things like “I would have never done this without the club.” This made me feel that smaller organizations should serve as skill-building sites and show those unaccustomed to volunteering, or even leading and public speaking, how to do so,” sociology club president, Davin Hill said. 

Becoming a member of the sociology club is as simple as showing up and engaging in the conversation! Students can join by visiting TexanSync or by simply attending events and Zooms.

For more information about the sociology club, visit or follow them on Instagram @tsusociologyclub.