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Meet the athlete: Brady Sisneroz

Gut-wrenching, heart pumping, and the wind blowing- all things track and field athletes have experienced more than once in their lifetime. The exhilarating experience that keeps them running back for more, the thrill of the race. Athletes such as Brady Sisneroz experience the pain of their bodies being pushed to the limit as well as the excitement that comes with the constant cheers from teammates that serve as encouragement during the final stretch. 

Sisneroz is a junior kinesiology major with his main events being the 400 and 110 meter hurdles. This Rogers high school alum has been at Tarleton since 2021, earning the title as the third fastest freshman in the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) as well as Tarleton’s number two performer in the 400 meter hurdles.

“I had some really great coaches in high school and they really pushed me to be the best version of me I could on and off the track which made me fall in love with it,” Sisneroz stated. 

Like many, Sisneroz started his track career in middle school, but he did not join his main events until eighth grade where he learned of his ability to hurdle. Despite being barred from joining hurdles the first year of his middle school track career, he has continued on to place fifth place at the WAC Outdoor Championship with a time of 54.19 in the 400m hurdles. 

“Being a hurdler, running has taught me to push past the hurdles in life and not focusing on what’s right in front of you, but focusing on getting over it and that next position in life that you are working towards,” Sisneroz shared.

After coming back from a strained hamstring, which can typically set an athlete back for months, Sisneroz had a few challenges as he continued to push through. Which was something that did not come easily to him, Sisneroz shared that this was a time of fear for him. After first returning, he was timid about training once again at full power and there was even a point where his practice was cut short. At the risk of severe injury, through the help of Head Coach Clay Holland, God, and his teammates, Siseneroz was able to return swinging with a new personal best in the 400m with a time of 49.95.

“Wins in track don’t come often. When there is a win it is a huge moment for me but it is also what more can I do to get better and keep pushing. In the track world, especially at Tarleton, we don’t talk about winning our heat or winning the race, we want to compete against ourselves and our own times and win against ourselves,” Sisneroz expressed. “Losses for me are a moment to take a step back and evaluate what I can do better so that it doesn’t happen again.” 

With a role model, like 2020 Summer Paralympics 400m T62 bronze medalist Hunter Woodhall, the amount that Sisneroz will fight to reach his goals stems from Woodhall’s determination and thinking that he can always grow and become a better person and athlete. With hurdles as his main event, Sisneroz expressed that it is a constant mental challenge, thinking about his next step and how to prepare for it. 

Getting over that first hurdle is something that resonates with him deeply as he also pointed out that one of athletes biggest struggles is the battle with mental health. As someone who has fought that battle, he stressed the importance of having people in your corner to be able to express those concerns is what really helped him come back. 

“I am super excited for this season, not just for my season, but the team’s season as a whole. We have so many athletes this year who can roll, we have transfers who were at the national level in their divisions. Personally, I’m super excited for my hurdle squad, mostly 400 hurdles, we have mostly freshmen and they are great. Once we get to conference, I think we are definitely going to compete,” Sisneroz stated. 

 This 2022 winner of the President’s Award for Athletic Excellence keeps his teammates close to his heart. Watching himself and his teammates grow and progress is what makes him so passionate. Sisneroz thanks graduate student and fellow teammate Gentrye Munden for serving as an inspiration, helping him reconnect with God, and allowing him to help his teammates through hard times and losses as well. 

After a couple of oranges, slapping his legs, and words of self-encouragement, Sisneroz is ready for his race. From playing soccer, baseball, basketball, and tennis, to swimming the Gulf Coast, Sisnerox has had extensive experience in a wide variety of sports but at the end of the day track and field is where his passion lies. He plans on being the school record holder for the 400m hurdles and going to physical therapy school to continue his kinesiology degree, both of which take time and determination. To keep up with Sisneroz and the indoor and outdoor track and field team, look on https://tarletonsports.com/sports/outdoor-track-and-field/schedule/2022-23. Also do not forget to wish Sisneroz a happy birthday!