Students today, leaders tomorrow

The Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow (ACT) Club was established at Tarleton a few years ago, but recently got reinstated nationally with the help of Advisor Taylor Kennedy, who also spent time as a National ACT officer in college. 

The majority of the ACT members are Agricultural Communications majors, however, students from all different majors are welcome to join in order to build resumes and networking skills. 

“The Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow Club focuses around helping students strengthen their professionalism while promoting agriculture,” ACT President, Alina Rangel said. 

Rangel has been a part of ACT since she transferred to Tarleton as a sophomore, and she is now a senior. Rangel said it was slow-paced during that time because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and that there were not a lot of meetings or workshops.

“My officer team and I intend to get the ball rolling on some fun workshops this spring semester, and we even intend to go to the Ag Media Summit in the summer,” Rangel said.

The Ag Media Summit is a convention where ACT chapters meet. 

“The best thing about ACT in my opinion is the friends you make and the resume building,” Rangel said. “I think since I have been involved in the organization, I have grown as a communicator, student, and future business woman. I recommend it to anyone looking to do the same.” 

Students who are interested in joining ACT can get involved by contacting the Advisor, Taylor Kennedy, or the President, Alina Rangel. ACT can also be found on Facebook and Instagram, which is where monthly meeting reminders will be posted. 

“ACT is for anyone. The ACT is for any major and any gender. We look forward to growing our chapter and having fun this semester,” Rangel said.