Forced to drill, born to grill


The Grill team in action

The Texan Corps of Cadets has many specialized teams within its organization. These include Ranger Challenge, Cannon Team, Wainwright Rifles, and Colorguard. Another team that stands differently from the rest is the Grill Team.

The Grill Team was started in 2016 by a now-alumni Cadet, Jake Humphries. The team was created to get cadets more involved and to participate in school events like the tailgate and cook-outs. 

The Grill Team is responsible for grilling at the tailgates before football games, but they also participate in cook-out competitions. 

“The Grill Team provides a relaxed environment for cadets and other students and staff to enjoy home-cooked food and prepare for home games at tailgate,” Cadet Aaron Goins said. 

The main aspect of the Grill Team is volunteering by cooking for the local community at churches, soup kitchens, and special needs homes.

“The main theme of the Grill Team is that it is volunteer-based, and we want to encourage the students in the Corps of Cadets to help out the local community,” Cadet Eric Erdmann said. “It is a way we can give back while also getting the Corps name out.” 

Erdmann is a sophomore cadet and a member of the Grill Team.

“The Grill Team’s purpose is simply to supply great tasting food for the Corps and the community,” Erdmann said. 

The Grill Team’s motto is “Forced to Drill, Born to Grill,” and the members are referred to as “Grill Sergeants.” 

“The Grill Team is important because we are feeding people. It is an automatic way to help take care of a basic need, and essentially a way to make people happy,” Erdmann said. 

Members of the Corps Grill Team must also be members of the Corps, but anyone and everyone can enjoy the food that the Grill Team cooks.