Just keep swimming

Tarleton’s upcoming swim club

Tarleton State University started the construction of the aquatics center in 2020 and completed it in fall of 2021. The new aquatic center is a Division I qualified pool space and was constructed to bridge the gap between Tarleton State University athletic program and accessibility for all students, including those who have disabilities. While there are  no current plans of a Division I swimming team, the Tarleton swimming diving aquatics team, or Tarleton swimming club, is gearing up for their first practice and are already teaming with student interest and participation.

Tarleton  swimming club was conceptualized by Jolee Carroll, the president of the swim and diving team, with the assistance of the aquatics president and several other interested members. The club currently has 20-plus interested women who are very active in their swimming chats, signifying great progress, and even greater potential to be a premier and popular program.

“I’m super excited to start swimming because it was such a big part of my high school experience. It was an exciting and great experience in swimming and aquatics. There are many different sports to participate in throughout the semester and during the break. I’m very excited for water polo, but mainly being a part of the team again and making new friendships for a lifetime” club member and experienced swimmer Victoria Anderson said.

The Tarleton  swimming club staff team is no stranger to the pool. Head president of the swimming team, Jolee Carroll is a certified swimming coach and olympic swimmer. Carroll has been swimming competitively for sixteen years and been a certified coach for five years. She was a national swimmer through the U.S.A olympic program, but stopped to focus on her academics. She received several offers for swimming, but decided that Tarleton was to be her academic home. Carroll’s plans for Tarleton club swimming is to increase school spirit through the support of Division I swimming plan, and the promotion and support of recreational and intramural aquatic sports and programs.

The club plans on offering multiple different disciplines such as swimming, diving, and semester divided aquatics, such as summer wakeboarding and surfing for those members who decided to stay over break. They hope to be able to partner with the outdoor pursuits programs to help students have more options to participate in aquatics swimming and diving. 

The swim team will be coached by Mrs. Carroll’s mother who is also an Olympic coach and together, they are planning on utilizing the aquatics center for practices twice a week. 

 For more information, reach out to the staff via email or Instagram- @texanclubswim on Instagram or texanclubswimming2gmail.com. Remember, just keep swimming.