A friendly competition

2023 Spring football game


Football is one of the components that makes America an amazing united nation, and Texas a phenomenal state. The Friday and Saturday night lights, concession stand munchies, ice-cold beverages, and a great football game emanate penultimate feelings of togetherness and school spirit. 

   In lieu of this, while football is not a spring sport and games are traditionally held during the fall season, Tarleton State University is hosting its own annual Spring Football Game this upcoming weekend on Saturday, April 15. 

   At 6 p.m. CT on Saturday, April 15, Memorial Stadium will welcome the Texan football team onto the field where they will participate in an intrasquad scrimmage against their own teammates. 

   Without a doubt, this specialized game is said to unite the team further, and invoke a competitive – yet friendly – environment. 

   The game is a perfect way to end the spring football training and kick off Tarleton State’s Founders Week which is from April 15 through April 22, where events like May Féte, Silver Taps, and the crowning of Lord and Lady Tarleton are set to occur.

   The 2023 Spring Game is the first public debut of Tarleton State University’s brand new 2023 football team, where a whopping 28 players who joined the team on Signing Day will be seen in action for the first time by spectators, in addition to the returning roster of football players. The new additions to the roster are composed of six offensive linemen, six defensive linemen, five linebackers, three quarterbacks, three defensive backs, two wide receivers, two tight ends, and a running back. 

   The Spring Game is the perfect medication for any football fans who have not been able to enjoy any games lately, and many of Tarleton State’s die-hard football fans are sitting on the edge of their seats in anticipation to see the new faces on Tarleton State University’s 2023 football squad.

    While this game is a friendly competition between the athletes on our schools own football roster, reportedly it will still be a highly competitive game that you do not want to miss. 

    While the actual football game might be slightly different from a normal fall game, nearly everything else is set to remain the same and simulate an average Tarleton State home-field football game. 

   Texan Alley will be open starting at 9 a.m. where spectators can tailgate, mingle, relax, and prepare for the game later that evening. There is going to be plenty of food, friends, fun, and entertainment available to enjoy. 

   Students, staff, faculty, and fans alike are all welcome to attend the game, and admission to the event is completely free. However, as mentioned above, this scrimmage is going to simulate a regular Tarleton State University home football game similar to what would be seen during the fall season. Therefore, concessions will be available for purchase including adult beverages and traditional stadium snacks. 

   For information regarding Texan Alley and tailgating, fans should contact the Tarleton Ticket Office at 254-968-1832 or [email protected].