Bringing in Beau

Kentucky transfer to Tarleton Texan

The 2022 football season is here  and with that comes a new leader to the Texan football team. Following the departure of former starting quarterback, Steven Duncan ,  staff has recruited a new face in hopes of leading the Texans to a successful season. 

Beau Allen, the transfer from the University of Kentucky (UK), is ready to make his mark here at Tarleton State University. Originally from Lexington, Kentucky, Allen has been playing football for as long as he can remember, but has truly taken to the sport over the last ten years. Coming out of high school, the star quarterback was a four star top recruit in the country. He received several Division I offers from extremely talented teams and chose to sign with UK. During his time with the Wildcats, he started in five games. He completed 11-19 passes during these games for a total of 132 yards. 

While small town Stephenville, Texas is a long way from home, Allen is ready to get to work with his team. 

“I chose Tarleton for a few reasons,” Allen stated. “The coaching staff is great, I saw a great opportunity with this team to see what kind of offense we could put together.” 

When an athlete, or any student for that matter, transfers to a new school, it can be hard to adjust and meet people. Having to get to Stephenville after football camp had already started, and not having much time to adjust, was something Allen had to experience. Though he has had to face some adversity, Coach Adam Austin is extremely impressed by his ability to adapt. 

“He is already one of the guys. He has absorbed this team and when we see him in the dining hall or on campus he is always with different guys on the team. He’s been here two weeks and it’s like he’s been here for months,” Austin stated.

While Tarleton football was not necessarily looking for another quarterback originally, when Duncan left, they were put in a unique position to find a new quarterback that could bring something new to the offense. Coach Austin already had a prior relationship he had built with Allen from a previous job, and he saw the way Beau stood out in the portal and knew he had to seal the deal.

 “The thing that stands out most about him is the way he throws the ball,” Austin stated. “The coaches at UK also coached me, so I trusted what they said about him, and they were confident he would be a great fit for our program.”

Kendall Dearth,  senior offensive lineman that has been here since 2018 knows what the program needs and has found Allen to be a great fit. He believes he can make a change to the program as well as have a positive impact.

 “I think he will bring a great attitude. He comes out here every day with a smile on his face and talks to everyone,” Dearth stated. “It is really encouraging to see him as a new guy come out here and truly connect with us.” 

Dearth truly believes in Allen, which is an important aspect of a team, being able to believe in your leader.

 “I trust that he will make the right call and it is a relief to have something like that,” Dearth stated. 

Allen is a very determined individual who has goals and  is bringing his experiences from Kentucky to help him succeed. 

“I want to be the best leader, have the best character, and be the best quarterback I can be for this team,” Allen stated. “I am bringing with me some leadership qualities from previous team captains at Kentucky as well as some other values.”

Allen’s addition to the team has so far been a positive experience for him and the team. Everyone is adjusting very well to his presence, and he came here to win. 

“Allen is getting better every day. He is coming from a different offense at UK, so this is putting him out of his comfort zone, but he has been a sponge and makes corrections immediately,” Coach Austin explained. 

Tarleton football has many home games and opportunities to showcase what this transfer is all about and what he will do for the Texans once game time rolls around. Be sure to get your tickets and check back for updates.