Shoot for the Stars

Tarleton has over 200 clubs and organizations on campus, however, this does not stop new ones from being created everyday. Majesty Wilson, head archer at Tarleton State Club Archery, saw an opportunity to fill a space on campus that was inclusive to people with disabilities and also to bring some fun, friendly, competitive spirit to the campus. Founded in the Summer of 2022, they are packing a punch to get to where they want to be in the club space here at Tarleton. 

Majesty Wilson says her inspiration for the club came from watching the Texas A&M Target Archers perform at a competition, “I wanted to create a program like that for Tarleton State University,” Wilson said. 

As with any sports club, archery can get expensive, especially if competing at state and national levels due to insurance, registration fees, and equipment. Wilson was not without a plan for mitigating some of these potential hurdles. 

“We are currently in negotiations with the recreation (rec) center and kinesiology department to loan, if not borrow, the old archery equipment to provide during practices. As well as outside sponsorships and donations that are currently in progress, but we as a team, plan on securing equipment for use during practices,” Wilson said. This is encouraging news for those students who do not have their own archery equipment, and those who may not be able to afford said equipment

The club will host their first meeting Jan. 12 and Jan. 13 from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in the recreation center, please bring an Identification card (ID). Wilson mentioned that their prospect form for the club had over 28 responses, however, they are expecting around 50 in membership once the ball gets rolling. Membership dues at the recreational level are going to be set anywhere between $10-15. 

The practice area for the archery club is yet to be decided. Wilson says they are in close negotiations with Pigeons Sporting Goods and Texas Guns and Gear for securing an outdoor practice location, and are “currently waiting for the transfer of leadership in the rec center to discuss possibly having an indoor space for our colder months as well as transportation to our outside ranges,”  Wilson stated. 

There will, in addition, be potential opportunities to compete with other schools and organizations. Wilson explains that they are working hard on becoming affiliated with USA Archery and the National Archery Association on their respective local and state levels to secure spots for any upcoming competitions. 

For more info you can direct message @texanarchery on Instagram, or email [email protected]