History in the Making

The first ever Women’s Soccer team in Tarleton history is here

Big things are happening in the world of Tarleton Athletics. With new and improved state of the art facilities making their home on the Stephenville campus, one of the biggest and most historical additions happening right now would have to be the inaugural season of Tarleton Women’s Soccer. 


The first ever women’s soccer team at Tarleton is made up of 22 student athletes and three coaches with experience that leave the future of Texan soccer looking bright. The Texans are led by Head Coach Pete Cuadrado and Assistant Coaches Delaney Castor and Rex Carrell. Cuadrado has played soccer his whole life. He spent time playing at the collegiate level for Texas Christian University and went on to play semi-pro in Chicago for a year. As his time as an athlete came to an end, his love for the sport is far from over. Cuadrado has spent several years coaching for other institutions and building his experience in the game of soccer. 


While there is a lot of excitement in developing a new program, there is a lot of pressure that comes with that responsibility as well. Although some may be overwhelmed by the expectations that come along with the debut of a new sport at a Division I school, Cuadrado is more than prepared and excited for the opportunity. 


“I like challenges, and to be honest, this is a challenge. It’s been a lot of fun. We have a great staff that’s very dedicated and it’s been great. I love my job, Cuadrado stated.


One of the biggest challenges in starting up a program of high caliber is building a team you have confidence in and know will perform well. Building your team from scratch could be either a dream or a nightmare, but Cuadrado saw it as an opportunity. This season is a fresh start for all of these athletes. Although some of the upperclassmen have experience playing at the collegiate level, each player is learning what it means to be a part of the Texan family. For Cuadrado, aside from the ability to play, the desire to be on the field held a lot of weight.


“I was looking for people that wanted to buy in. People that wanted to be here. Honestly, it’s a unique experience and you have to want to be here. If you’re not bought in then go, I want people who want to be here,” Cuadrado stated. 


There is something special about starting something new with people you do not know yet. For the Texans, the opportunity to start off the soccer program for Tarleton definitely played a part in the relationship the team has. 


“We have a lot of girls with good work ethic. Everyone is a great team player. Everyone has a great attitude. Everyone is very encouraging. I think it would take a lot for us to not do well,”Macie Witter stated. 


The addition of the women’s soccer team at Tarleton is groundbreaking for the university as well as the community. Stephenville has always welcomed Tarleton sports with open arms and supported the programs wholeheartedly. Women’s Soccer will be no different. 


“I feel very well loved. Everywhere we go the whole town is rooting for us. I think it makes us all feel very important and excited to be a part of the first women’s soccer team,’’  senior Macie Witter stated. 


With the support of the entire school as well as the city of Stephenville as a whole, Tarleton Women’s Soccer is sure to feel the love from fellow Texans. So far, the Texans have won two games, tied one and lost one. This season is groundbreaking and marks the start of a bright future for the Tarleton family.