Recreating Recreation

The Inside Scoop on Intramurals

Whether you are a new student or a returning Texan, the changes happening around campus are hard to ignore. All the construction and new additions on our campus are exciting but also raise a lot of questions and concerns from students as well as those in the community. Some of the biggest changes on campus right now are centered around the Campus Recreation Center. With brand new state of the art facilities like the indoor and outdoor pools, students are eager to utilize the new additions the rec has to offer. 

Although there is lots of excitement surrounding the new parts of the rec, students have expressed concerns regarding the removal of the intramural fields. The fields that were previously home to a range of intramural sports are currently being turned into the new track and field complex for Tarleton Athletics. Another field that was previously used for intramural sports has now been transformed to the new Tarleton Soccer Complex. Most of the disapproval regarding this change is rooted in the fact that the price of intramural sports is included in tuition and some students feel they are paying for something they do not have the ability to access anymore. 

While intramural sports will look a little different this year, Recreation Professional staff has come up with solutions that allow students to still participate in the sports they love and care about. Typically, the rec offers volleyball, soccer, softball, basketball, wiffleball, kickball and now E Sports as well. Although the fields that were previously used for intramural sports are now being used for Tarleton Athletics, Campus Recreation will still utilize those facilities when needed once construction is complete. In the meantime, while we are waiting for the completion of the fields, some of the fall sports will be played at the City Park facilities. 

“The rec didn’t want to take away the space from students, we want that to be clear. There was a need for NCAA Division I athletic facilities, which is why the space has been lost. We will increase our offerings inside of the rec as well as the Aquatics Center,” Interim Director Brad Mills stated. 

Campus Recreation is working to keep all intramural sports available for students, however, this means moving some of those sports to a different semester than they typically would be played in. As of right now, intramural football will be played in the spring semester this year in order to allow more time for completion of the fields on campus. Intramural softball will be played at the Stephenville City park. Typically, the fall semester intramural sports include volleyball and football, but this year, volleyball will be the only fall sport. During the second semester, the rec center plans on adding the usual soccer and softball leagues as well as football. In a regular fall semester, the rec hosts one tournament, but this semester, another tournament will be added to make up for the absence of football this term. 

“We also have the new Aquatics Center so as far as offerings for students goes, water basketball, water volleyball, and things like that are some new sports we will be implementing,’’ Mills stated. 

The Tarleton Recreation Center plays a large role in the lives of students, staff and community members and while intramural sports this semester looks different, the future of Tarleton rec is very promising. Transitional processes may not always be smooth and simple, but we commend the rec on the efforts put forth to ensure that those who call the rec home are taken care of.