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Combating sleeplessness with cookies

Stephenville’s new Insomnia Cookies location

The residents of Stephenville have recently gained the ultimate weapon to combat late-night restlessness: Insomnia Cookies. 

The new location for Stephenville’s very own Insomnia Cookies has been under construction for the last few months up until its grand opening from 8:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. on the night of Aug 31. 

As declared in the brand’s name, Insomnia Cookies is a bakery – with unusual hours operating into the night – that serves a plethora of cookies, baked goods, ice cream, and beverages to satisfy the sweet tooth of any neighboring insomniacs. 

Moreover, Insomnia Cookies’ origin story is one that hits close to home for many college students.

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The original idea for Insomnia Cookies was born from the late-night sentiments and speculations of a group of college comrades, who were up late into the night and began to have distinctive cravings for a sugary treat. 

However, the future founder and CEO of Insomnia Cookies, Seth Berkowitz, had a specific late-night sweet delicacy in mind. 

Berkowitz was holed up in his dorm room at the University of Pennsylvania circa 2003, and the late-night food selection available did not sound appetizing. He wanted something that was warm, gooey, and saccharine. Better yet, he did not want to leave the comforts of his dorm room to retrieve it. He wanted it to be delivered directly to his doorstep. 

With little to no businesses being open into the dead hours of the night, and none of the delivery options sounding appetizing, Berkowitz took matters into his own hands. He embarked on his journey to make a late-night sweet shop company that catered to people like himself: Insomniacs. 

Subsequent to the launch of his newfound company, a new category in the food and service industry was born, and this delivery-oriented, late-night, long-hour business establishment helped to start a tidal wave of similar business endeavors across the nation.

 “And the dream continues, so many years and so many cookies later. We are still serving up sweet rewards to the day dreamers and warming the after parties of the night-doers, growing a community of Insomniacs who love to stay up late,” the Insomnia Cookies website explains.

Insomnia Cookies has made leaps and bounds of successful advancements ever since the idea was born in 2003 by Berkowitz and his inner circle of friends. 

In 2006, the first brick and mortar Insomnia Cookies store was opened in Syracuse, New York. To follow a couple years later, Insomnia took their freshly baked cookies to the streets with a series of food trucks that increased both popularity and marketing for the Insomnia team. 

As expected, Insomnia reached massive milestones in 2014, 2016, and 2021 when they opened their 50th, 100th, and 200th Insomnia Cookies locations respectively across the nation. 

Shortly after the 200th Insomnia Cookies location was opened, in the latter months of 2021, Insomnia opened an interactive, custom order cookie and milkshake bar at one of their store locations in the heart of South Philadelphia; naming it “CookieLab.” 

In order to enter the mysteriously mystical CookieLab, customers must sneak behind a cryptic, secluded bookcase door and announce the secret password before they are able to make their customizable, do-it-yourself cookie and milkshake orders. 

Nevertheless, Insomnia lovers need not to worry if they are unable to visit the CookieLab at the popular South Philadelphia location. Insomnia offers plenty of delicious classic, deluxe, gluten-free, and vegan cookie flavors at their locations all across the United States. 

 More specifically, Insomnia Cookies is said to offer 24 classic cookie flavors, 12 deluxe cookie flavors, and a combination of 12 brownies, brookies, or blondies throughout the span of the year, along with a consistent selection of ice creams and cold beverages; including a cookie’s best friend – a nice cold glass of milk. 

Some of the most popular flavors offered at Insomnia Cookies are Double Chocolate Mint, Snickerdoodle, and Classic with M&M’s®. Not to mention they occasionally have limited edition flavors throughout the year, like French Toast,  PB & J, and Red Velvet. 

Needless to say, from a late night aspiration, Insomnia Cookies has grown into a whopping triumph of a company that earns billions of dollars in revenue each and every year.

As some people know, the grand opening event for Insomnia’s newest Stephenville location was a tremendous celebration where prizes, in-store coupons, and free, scrumptious cookies were given to the bakery’s premier customers.

“We waited an hour and a half after we got in line around 9:30 p.m.,” Tarleton State University student, Leanne Evers, stated. “They had tons of door prizes and fun games, and even though the line was long, the warm cookies made it worth the wait!”

Insomnia has no plans of letting up on their imaginative business plans and outreaching enterprises. Not to mention, Insomnia announced this past year that they have an agenda to construct and initiate a new Insomnia Cookies Headquarters in downtown Philadelphia soon. 

Until then, Insomnia Cookies lovers are going to head to the Insomnia website to buy some stylish cookie merchandise and place a cookie order for delivery while they wait.

 For more information regarding Insomnia Cookies and its new Stephenville location, please visit 

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