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The return of TNA wrestling

Wrestling resurgence and bidding war of ’24

The wrestling world holds one memorable name, that name being World Wrestling Entertainment, or WWE. Though they have held the throne, for professional wrestling of being the end all be all, WWE is not safe from competition. On Oct. 21, Impact, an underdog in the business, announced that they were rebranding as TNA, an old competitor to WWE during the 2000’s, and completely changing its format. 

TNA, known currently and until the rebranding is finalized as Impact, was created in 2002, by father and son, Jerry and Jeff Jarrett, both of which for a time worked with WWE. Many wrestlers from the WWE name would go to TNA, as it was considered the second largest wrestling promotion behind WWE. However, due to many internal problems, including losing their television contracts, TNA quickly fell from grace about 2017. 

Almost immediately following this, a new company would start up in 2019, called All Elite Wrestling, or better known as AEW. They quickly caught the eye of the wrestling world, as they had many independent circuit stars, not just under contract, but as executive vice presidents. This included Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, and the Young Bucks’. Cody Rhodes was a significant name, not only because of his work in the independent circuit, but due to his hefty career within WWE. 

AEW would find themselves taking the second place slot from TNA, as they not only showcased a televised version of the independent style of wrestling, but also due to signing many names which had once been superstars within WWE. 

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For about four years now, AEW and WWE have been butting heads as there continues to be an increasing interest in AEW. With TNA’s rebranding coming into the mix, 2024 is looking bright for the wrestling industry. Competition fuels creativity, and that competition will not stop anytime soon. 

With TNA now putting its hat in the ring, and coming back after falling from grace, they are now seen as the third largest promotion. All three promotions attempt to one up the other in this competition, including ‘stealing’ performers. 

One wrestler, who has eyes from every corner of the wrestling world, is Maxwell Jacob Friedman, MJF. He is a current member of AEW, acting as a face for the brand; however, his contract will come up in Jan. 2024. This is now popularly known as ‘The Bidding War of 2024’, and it will be seen who can capture the young star, as it seems he is more interested in where the money is. 

“There are a lot of things about All Elite Wrestling that I like, but there’s also a lot of things about WWE that I like. What I’m most interested in is money.” Friedman told Sports Illustrated. 

On Nov. 18, AEW signed Will Ospreay, one of the biggest independent wrestlers this year, and Ex-WWE performer, Edge. This followed the signing of Ex-AEW stars Jade Cargill and Cody Rhodes to WWE. There have been many stars going between many of the promotions and this will not stop in 2024, as many huge names from every company will be put into this bidding war. 

The wrestling industry may not be where it once was; however, it is very quickly showing signs of another era beginning. With the new era comes new prospects for avid watchers and non-viewers, and massive change is coming for the wrestling world in 2024. 

For more information on the Pro Wrestling World, go to,, or  

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