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“Anyone But You”

The newest romantic comedy of 2023

“Anyone But You” is the newest rom-com of 2023 starring heart-throbs Sydney Sweeney and Glenn Powell. Their explosive chemistry rubs off on characters Bea and Ben beautifully. This modern take on Shakespeare’s “Deception in Much Ado” begins with a meet-cute at a coffee shop and a perfect first date that ended tragically wrong. Based on a simple misunderstanding, Bea and Ben go their separate ways. That is, until two years later, they both become members of a wedding party for a destination wedding in Sydney, Australia. 

Starting from the moment they board the same plane, their witty banter and comically awkward situations quickly become the highlight of this film. I loved the palpable chemistry between the two main characters, the scenic background, and the feel-good music. I probably replayed the song “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield at least five times after watching the movie. What made “Anyone But You” stand out in 2023 was the same magical nostalgia seen in the rom-coms of the early 2000s. 

While the movie was more loosely based rather than a meaningful adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Deception in Much Ado,” it was full of passing references from the classic that are sure to warm the hearts of fans of the original play. As someone who has never read the play, this film has encouraged me to do so. However, not every movie is perfect, and this rom-com is not an exception.

If you can get past the overly tacked-on F-bombs and unnecessary nudity, this chick-flick is truly for those who want fiery passion wrapped in a lighthearted summer hug of a movie. When Ben tells Bea, “I love the way we fight,” I don’t think I have ever felt more seen. However, “Anyone But You” ultimately had a lot of unmet potential. 

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For example, the same-sex couple having a destination wedding that the entire film revolves around seems repulsed with each other at best, especially in contrast to the main characters Bea and Ben. As disappointing as their existence might have been to some, those who were looking forward to more LGBTQ+ representation were probably met with equal disappointment. Additionally, the film had some major plot holes throughout. Where they could have opted for more depth or comedy in the story, they instead use the bodies of attractive actors and scenery as eye candy.

Even the main characters often serve this role of eye candy. While it can be relatable to be in love, kind of a mess, or completely unsure about what you want to do with your life, it does seem shallow to become attached to two characters who were so underdeveloped by writers. There is no meaningful back-story, and little to no evolution for any of the characters in this film. I fell in love with the chemistry of Sydney Sweeney and Glenn Powell on screen rather than the characters themselves.

While there are better romantic comedies out there, this is still a good movie to watch on date night, with friends if you want to share a good laugh, or even by yourself. If you are looking for that feel-good energy of an early 2000’s rom-com but still want to watch something new, then this is the perfect movie for you.


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