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Dallas Cowboys keeps head coach

Widespread heat against decision

Unfortunately for Dallas Cowboys lovers, it seems that head coach Mike McCarthy is here to stay, for at least one more year. With the Dallas Cowboys being in their off-season, after losing to the Green Bay Packers (32-48), the future for the Cowboys seems to grow dimmer and dimmer by the day.  

McCarthy has been with the team for four seasons now, and as seen from his history with the team, he is not doing them any good. Ironically, the Cowboys lost their chance at the Superbowl due to the Packers, a team McCarthy had once led to becoming Superbowl Champions. Not alluding to anyone’s minds, McCarthy has left a bad taste in Cowboys fans mouths. 

McCarthy was hired as head coach in 2020, and his debut game would reflect how the Cowboys would play under him, with the Cowboys losing (20-17). The 2020 season would go on to be one of the worst defensive seasons for the Cowboys. After this horrible starting season – though the Cowboys would make playoffs every year afterward – they have been at more of a standstill.  

Having had smaller, but still important coaching roles within the Chiefs, Saints, and the 49ers, as well as head coaching positions within the Cowboys and the Packers, McCarthy does have the experience necessary for his coaching position. With about 30 years under his belt, McCarthy knows how the game works and what is essential in getting that sought after championship ring. He took the Packers to the Superbowl; however, this would not stop the ultimate end of his run, having been fired during the 2018 season. 

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“The problem for McCarthy was that as the talent drained, he failed to innovate. His scheme went stale, and he didn’t adapt,” Bleacher Reports’ Tyler Dunne said. 

Having taken a hiatus a year after, before finally becoming the Cowboys head coach, McCarthy would be fined two times for violation of NFL practice rules, resulting in $150,000 dollars in fines.  

Fans have been less than stellar about McCarthy’s position as head of the team; McCarthy mainly being criticized for poor choices during playoff seasons. During the regular season, he does as good as any other coach, however it seems when it comes to the playoffs, McCarthy has not quite found the recipe for a perfect season. There have been multiple calls for someone else to take over the role for the Cowboys head coach, however the team owner, Jerry Jones, has other plans. 

Jones has extended McCarthys’ contract one more year for the 2024 season which has left many Dallas Cowboys fans in a world of disappointment. Jones believes that the Cowboys can succeed under McCarthy, but after yet another bad playoff season, it comes off more like a bark than a bite. 

For now, it seems that the Cowboys will have another season under McCarthy, however, whether this proves to be a good decision or yet another mistake on the Cowboys’ behalf is yet to be known. 

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