Tarleton Chamber Choir previews their Carnegie Hall showcase



Brittny Waller/ Staff Writer [email protected]

On Monday, February 29, 2016 the Tarleton State University Chamber Choir ensemble showcased a preview of what they will be performing at Carnegie Hall in New York City on March 27th.  

The Select Women’s Ensemble was the first to perform.  They set the mood with “How Can I Keep From Singing?”.  Their voices should definitely not be stifled.  They began the concert displaying perfect harmony and kept it up with the next two selections.  In their third, “The Roof” they were joined by violinist, Mia Detwiler, who brought a contemporary tone to the stage.  It was subtle, but soothing addition that had a real impact.  Later, they performed a Flamenco piece entitled, “El Vito”.  They appeared from behind the curtains with red flowers adorning their hair, and the audience knew they were in for a treat.  They proceeded to imitate traditional flamenco dancing.  It was a beautiful display that honored this special part of Spanish culture.

The Texas Gentlemen were the next to appear on stage.  They sang entirely A cappella.  The gentlemen brought their best voices and presented a layered and interesting piece. Later, they also performed an Irish piece entitiled, “Whup, Jamboree”.  In this, the audience was transported to the green hills of Ireland with their beautiful performance.

Afterward, the entire Chamber Choir took the stage, joined by the Texas Gentlemen and the Select Women’s Ensemble.  They performed their entire performance that they have planned for Carnegie Hall.  They performed a multitude of songs that showcased their diverse range of talents.  Along with the other two choir ensembles, they were also accompanied by Assistant Professors Dr. Iwao Askurar and Dr. Heather Hawk. Askurar performed a solo in “The Turtle Dove” with great intensity and with the talent of a professional opera performer. Hawk did not disappoint either, she maintained a beautiful amount of range and harmonized perfectly with the group.  Simply put, she gave the audience a very angelic solo.  The Choir also performed an original piece by Assistant Professor and Director of Choirs, Dr. Troy Robertson, “We Are the Music Makers”.  In this, there was a separation of the men and women, this added an enjoyable amount of depth and range.  It was an amazing display of layering and a display of Dr. Robertson’s talent as a composer.

Overall, the concert was very enjoyable.  There was a flood of applause after every performance and it was definitely well deserved.