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The Last Lecture with Dr. Jim Gentry

Taylor Ozuna, Photographer

September 22, 2016

Dr. Gentry explains how difficult it was to grow up as a child with dyslexia. Dr. James (Jim) Gentry introducing himself at the beginnning of his contribution to the Last Lecture Series. The very begining of the last lecture series with Dr. Gentry; sharing his accomplishments with the au...

Tarleton Planetarium offering access to the stars and more

Rachel Crawford, Managing Editor

September 16, 2016

The Tarleton State University Planetarium has announced their fall 2016 showing times for the public. Different shows will be playing every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On Fridays, movies are shown after a planetarium show,...

Tarleton Jazz Ensemble to tour in Italy

Taylor Craig/ Staff Writer

February 24, 2016

The Tarleton State University Jazz Ensemble is preparing to embark on a country-wide tour of Italy. This is the first time the Jazz ensemble has been invited to play abroad in over 10 years. The ensemble will play in at least five...