Concert season commences

Overview of the wind ensemble and symphonic band concert

Concert season kicked into gear on Sept. 25. The Tarleton wind ensemble performed for friends and family over the weekend. One of the seven tunes they performed was written by Jonathan Hooper, a former band director, and a Tarleton Texan for over 20 years. The band skillfully executed each piece in their performance and assembled a wonderful concert. The Tarleton Symphonic Band followed suit. They held their first concert of the year two days later. Each of the four pieces they performed seemed to have been selected to provoke a particular emotion within the audience.

Many wondered how the bands were able to prepare for such a significant event in just a little over three weeks. The past two performances have made an appearance sooner in the year than any other in Tarleton history. While observing both concerts in order to understand how they were able to pull this off, freshman students from each band as well as both directors were consulted. 

“In my opinion, the concert went really well. It was definitely one of our better runs. I think everyone did amazing, all of the parts could be heard and sounded great,” bass clarinetist Hailey Pope stated.

Many of the band players agreed with these statements. They felt as if they were prepared and completed the concert to the best of their ability.

 “I think we all did quite well and the sound blended nicely,” clarinet player Austin Riha said.

To be able to create the perfect performance, practice is mandatory. These pieces were chosen explicitly according to playing level. The students are the main interest, while also creating an entertaining performance for the audience.  

 “We have a class that meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:45 to 2:55 p.m. It is open to all Tarleton students with the approval of the director,” Dr. Gary Westbrook, Director of Athletic Bands and Associate Director of Bands, said when asked about the symphonic band practice schedule. “This was one of the earliest concert dates that we have had, and they met the challenge. Typically, music selection is based on the playing level. I try to find pieces that challenge the player and make it interesting for the audience.”

Practice makes perfect. The directors and players put in maximum effort to please the audience and perform like they never have before. 

 “We only had nine rehearsals to be ready for the concert, and the group practices twice a week for two hours each time. I was very pleased with the group’s performance, especially considering this was our first performance as a group together for the year. We always have things we can work on, and I feel that our concert gave us several things that we can build on,” Dr. David Robinson, Director of Bands and Assistant Professor of Music said 

For these two bands, the season has only just begun. There are two Symphonic Band performances left this semester, one on Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 7:30 p.m. The Wind Ensemble’s upcoming performance will take place at the Fine Arts Center auditorium on Thursday, Nov. 17 at 7:30 p.m. Students get in for free with a scan from the Corq app, so come out and support your Tarleton concert bands in their upcoming performances.