Tarleton reveals new spirit mark

Tarleton reveals new spirit mark

Hilaree Foreman, Editor-in-Chief

This afternoon, Tarleton State University unveiled the newly refreshed spirit mark in a reception in the Barry B. Thompson Student Center. The spirit mark, more commonly referred to as the Texan Rider Logo, was designed by Ohio-based company Rickbaugh Graphics.  The update of the new mark comes after more than a year of surveys and feedback from students, faculty, staff and alumni.

The refreshed sprit mark however, did not come without any pushback. Many students and alumni were vocal in saying that the logo did not needed to be updated.

“Leave stuff alone, not all things require change,” said alumna Patti Gibson.

I’m not surprised. Asking the alumni what they think was a formality. It was going to happen anyway,” said another alum.

The logo comes in three options: all-purple, purple and white and a black and white version.

Following the unveiling, free items such as hats, cups and shirts with the new logo were given away.